Written by Missy Johnston

A yacht charter is a joy all by itself; but some of the most memorable trips on board our beautiful yachts are the ones made with family. Deepening the family bond while cruising on a yacht charter is an incredible experience. No vacation is the same, with each charter customized to any preference. With so many choices and destinations across the globe, it’s just a matter of picking the right luxury yacht charter for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Mother and daughter kayaking at tropical ocean on summer vacatio

Kayaking with Mom

A private yacht charter is filled with fun, sun-soaked days in paradise. For kids, however, it can also be an educational opportunity, if wanted. They are able to experience rare sights, new foods, new cultures, and new languages. Meanwhile, it’s way more fun than a crowded theme park or a cruise ship.

A family yacht vacation brings everyone together. There is no better way to obtain five-star service with your babies in tow! Here are our five top tips for deepening the family bond on board a luxury yacht.

Tip #1: Customize Your Itinerary

Schooner Columbia in Newport RI

Family Bonding

On a private yacht charter, the world is your oyster. A good charter broker will help you plan your excursions, activities, and amenities based on what you enjoy as a family.

We encourage you to include your kids in these decisions. It’s a great way to get them invested and excited about the trip. Vacation prep can take the form of research, journaling, arts and crafts, selecting clothing and accessories, and practicing a different dialect.

Tip #2: Build in Family Fun Time

One of the best parts of yacht life is the opportunity to unplug and enjoy each others’ presence. In some parts of the world, unplugging happens naturally due to decreased signal. Some families also instill a “no electronics” rule to allow the kids to focus instead on the gorgeous scenery. It’s easy to enforce—children need no convincing to jump into crystal clear waters.

Family Fun on Crewed Yacht Charter

Family Fun on Crewed Yacht Charter

The truth is, our families never come back and say, “My kids spent the entire trip on their phones.” Do you want your child to see the world, uninterrupted? A family yacht vacation is one of the only ways to do it. Then again, if you enjoy high-tech amenities and constant Wi-Fi connectivity, we also offer many yachts with those capabilities.

The crew loves to partake in a little adventure. They can stage a pirate hunt on a secluded beach to search for buried treasure (where X marks the spot, naturally.) A Christmas yacht charter can include a visit from Santa. Themed evenings such as a murder mystery, casino, or disco night are all favorites.

There are no long lines or wait times for swimming, hiking, board games, or charades. Best of all: the kids will fall into bed exhausted every night, rocked to sleep by gentle waves.

Tip #3: Eat Well – Like You’ve Never Eaten Before

Marcato, 140' expedition luxury charter yacht in Highborne Cay, the Exumas, Bahamas

Family Breakfast on Yacht Charter

In Tahiti, fresh tuna is marinated in lime juice and soaked in rich coconut milk. In the resort town of Santorini, Greece, most meals are served “meze” style on small plates accompanied by fresh-baked bread. Australians treasure their locally cultivated wines, including Shiraz, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

A formal meal setup is challenging for families with younger children—your crew can help. It is their job to adhere to your dietary and culinary desires. They can provision kid-friendly snacks and plan informal breakfasts and dinners that still feature gourmet treats. Meals can also be turned into experiences. Picnics, a special kids’ table, or a sojourn off of the yacht to dine in a dockside restaurant or a kid-friendly local taverna can all be planned as wanted.

Eating together is one of the many ways bonds are reinforced for family, drawing all closer together and creating memories. Sampling the local fare introduces another sense to the magic of a foreign land.

Tip #4: Make One-of-a-kind Memories

Family & Friend on Luxury yacht Charter

Family on Luxury Yacht Charter

Choosing from one of the charter yachts that we offer in the many worldwide yacht charter locations can deliver you to the doorstep of hundreds of destinations all over the world. We give you the opportunity to experience animal encounters, take part in cultural ceremonies, and witness the ever-changing geology of the most far-flung locations. Whether your interest centers around people, food, ecology, civilization, or history, we are ready to make these moments accessible to you.

  • See archeology sites of ancient civilizations in the Greek islands
  • Attend Sevu Sevu ceremonies in Fiji
    Swimming pigs, luxury yachts, luxury yacht charter

    Swimming pigs of the Bahamas

  • See UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia

Tip #5: Include Extended Family

Bonding isn’t just for kids and their parents—grandparents and extended family can join in on the fun! Most charter yachts can accommodate as many as 12 people on board, depending on the number of staterooms. Whatever the destination, shared meals and unplugged activities bring people together on vacation for the best family bonding experiences.

Destination: Anywhere and Everywhere

As you can see, inviting your family to join you for a week or two on a chartered yacht opens the door for incredible and unforgettable memories. Teach kids and teenagers a deeper understanding of ancient cultures and their diversity with opportunities for hands-on learning. Foster their love for the Earth and its creatures. And finally, bring the ones you love closer together with stories that will last a lifetime.

Happy family boat trip on summer vacation in Asia

Family Travel

All of these special moments are attainable on a private chartered yacht. Even a “typical day” for a family on board is full of excitement and new experiences. Let CharterWorld with Missy Johnston help plan the family vacation of your dreams! You will set sail free from worries, with the incredible blessing of looking at the world through the eyes of your children. Contact us today to inquire about your own family charter yacht, and find out how to jump-start your next fabulous family vacation.