Written by Missy Johnston

Fiji, Malakati Village. Nacula Island

Malakati Village Nacula Island-Photo by Missy Johnston

Yachting in Fiji is much more than just beautiful views of tropical forests and crystal blue waters. In the Fijian out islands, most easily reached on a private yacht charter, experience the culture, heart, and soul of Fiji. Villages in the out islands each have a unique cultural structure embedded in traditions passed down for generations. In order for visiting yachts to anchor in a village harbor, a Sevu Sevu Ceremony is required and conducted by village elders around the kava bowl, while a Meke of various traditional dances might be performed as part of any village celebration. A private yacht charter vacation in Fiji is the perfect way to experience the unique culture of the Fijian Out Islands.

Fiji Malakati Village Nacula Island Sevusevu

Malakati Village – Sevu Sevu Ceremony-Photo by Missy Johnston

While visiting villages is an excellent way to experience the culture of Fiji, a visit to the Fiji Museum in Suva provides the colorful history of the country. The backdrop against which village culture evolved includes the grisly practice of cannibalism, which prevailed in the out islands as late as 1895. The final remains of Thomas Baker, a Christian Missionary in 1867, are on display in the museum, consisting of one very well-chewed, but ultimately inedible, shoe. Surrounding the museum are the Thurston Gardens, featuring various species of Fijian flora and fauna, all found when cruising through the out islands on a private yacht charter vacation in Fiji.

Participate in a Sevu Sevu Ceremony in Fiji

Sevu Sevu Ceremony-Photo by Missy Johnston