Written by Missy Johnston

Bodrum Castle from Hillsides

Bodrum Castle from Hillside

There’s an up-and-coming yacht charter destination that rivals the likes of Bali or Mykonos. Bodrum, Turkey is becoming a top yacht charter destination for yachting fanatics, billionaires, and even royalty. Dubbed the “St. Tropez of Turkey” and one of 2020’s top travel destinations, Bodrum is located on the Bodrum Peninsula on Turkey’s southwest corner, on the gorgeous shores of the Aegean Sea.

During the summer months, the marinas are filled with luxurious yachts—yet there is a sense of seclusion and privacy as many have not yet discovered this hidden gem. Though it has been overlooked by Americans, many Europeans have been visiting this port for years, enjoying its luxury hotels, beach clubs, and the abundance of yachts floating in the crystal blue waters. Not only is Bodrum known for being a port filled with luxury yachts, it is also known for its early 15th-century castle built by the Crusading Knights. Within this virtually fully intact fortress is an outstanding underwater archaeology museum. See exhibits of artifacts and remains of ancient ships that have been excavated off the coast of Bodrum in the waters along the Ancient Trading Route.

View from Bodrum Castle (6)

View from Bodrum Castle-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

Bodrum is also known for its quaint side streets, its bountiful markets where fresh fish, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables, local cheeses, olives, and olive oils are sold by local vendors, and its very colorful bazaar, where shopping reigns by day and night club fun reigns by night.

Bodrum is becoming a top “under-the-radar” luxury travel destination and is the perfect port for a private yacht charter vacation. After visiting Bodrum, cruise around the end of the peninsula to anchor in the bay in front of the village of Turk Buku—a much smaller village filled with floating bars and restaurants, chic shops, and boutiques, all lining the one and only street. This is the more relaxed version of Bodrum, and is just an anchorage or two away. Skip the overcrowded beaches of Mykonos or Bali and plan a visit to Bodrum, Turkey.

Turk Buku Seaside Cafe and Bay

Turk Buku Seaside Cafe and Bay-Photo Credit Missy Johnston