Written by Missy Johnston

Croatia Istria Motovun Medieval Village

Motovun Medieval Village, Croatia

Travel back in time while enjoying scenic views, tasty truffles, and a luxurious charter vacation with a private yacht charter to Motovun, Croatia. This beautiful medieval town is known for its truffles, so if you are a truffle lover, you’ll be in paradise. Outside of those tasty little treats, the luscious and green rolling hills are to die for, the food and wine are spectacular, and you’ll have no trouble finding wonderful things to do while you’re in Motovun, such as visiting the little shops and walking the town walls for spectacular views of the countryside. From either Rovinj or Pula, both of which are lovely harbors for a yacht charter stop, it is an easy drive to spend a day in Istria visiting Motovun and the surrounding countryside.

Motovun Forest Trained Truffle Hunting Dogs Pointing a Truffle

Truffle Hunting Dogs Pointing out a Truffle

Ready to hunt for buried treasure in the form of truffles? Schedule a truffle-hunting exhibition for the ultimate truffle experience out of the little village of Livade, close by Motovon. This tour takes you through the local forest where you’ll be met by a Croatian Truffle Hunter for a Truffle Hunting Exhibition, complete with specially trained truffle-hunting dogs. Afterwards, enjoy a meal featuring truffles at Zigante Restaurant in Livade. If truffle hunting doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are also many wineries, olive groves, and bee hives around the Motovun countryside where stopping in will provide a taste of all that Istria has to offer. You can even taste donkey milk if you have the yen. Contact us today for a charter in Croatia to include the ports of Rovinj and/or Pula for a truffle-tastic day trip inland to Istria and Motovun, Croatia.

Croatia Istria Motovun Forest Truffle Hunter with Turffle Hunting Dogs

Truffle Hunter with Turffle Hunting Dogs