Written by Missy Johnston

Island of Aegina

Just off of the coast of Athens is the Greek Island of Aegina, a great island to visit at the start or finish of a crewed yacht charter cruise of the Greek Islands. While within sight of Athens, 17 nautical miles from Athens Harbor, the island of Aegina is a world away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Athens, with the immediate feel when cruising into the main harbor of the island on a crewed yacht charter, of the much slower life found in the Greek Islands. Part of the Saronic Island chain, Aegina is a great island to include while on a crewed yacht charter of the Greek Islands in the Aegean Sea.

Named after Aegina, who was brought to the island by Zeus to escape the anger of her parents, this island, according to tradition, was the birthplace of Aeacus, son of Aegina and Zeus, who after death became one of the three judges of Hades. Aegina in ancient times was a rival for power with Athens, and during the first unification of modern Greece, was briefly considered as the capital of Greece. Aegina now is a traditional Greek Island with a bustling harbor in Aegina Town ringed by tavernas with fishing boats and caiques filled with fresh fruit bobbing in the harbor waters. Around the island are beautiful beaches and the crystal clear waters for which Greece is famous.

Temple of Aphaia

The ruins of the Hellenic Temple of Aphaia should not be missed for the views alone across the island and the sea, and as a photographic opportunity of beautiful Greek Hellenic columns framed by the blue Greek sky. And you may want to visit Palaio Chora, the ruins of the medieval city where the islanders, during this time period, took refuge from pirates. A city of once over 300 small churches, some 32 remain with frescoed interiors. And nearby is the quiet uninhabited island of Moni, with beautiful clean waters for swimming and water fun. For great seafood in a local taverna, swing around to the picturesque little fishing village of Perdika to anchor in the harbor.

Close by Athens, yet still miles away in feel and life style, Aegina offers either the first glimpse of Greek Island life or a last feel of Greek Island life at the beginning or end of a crewed yacht charter of the Greek Islands.