Written by Missy Johnston

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Brown Bear Fishing Salmon

It is summer in Alaska and the salmon, true to their genetic plan are returning to their birth stream to spawn. The bays and waterways are teaming with salmon. What is your interest, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon? All are swimming in the waters now in Alaska, and the best way to fish is on a yacht charter. For on a charter, you can move from fishing area to fishing area, visit the mouth of streams in the tender, fly fish from the shores, or troll from the back of the yacht. In fact, on a yacht charter, you can be fishing simply by dropping a line off of the stern, while cruising through the scenic Inside Passage, sipping on a glass of wine. Let the simple act of cruising, while enjoying the scenery, do the work for you and enjoy a fresh salmon dinner of the “catch of the day”.

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Fly Fishing in Alaska

There are several different seasons during the summer in Alaska, depending on the type of salmon in which you might have a fishing interest. And on a yacht charter you can enjoy the whole range of sport fishing that Alaska has to offer. Fly fish on a wilderness stream for salmon in the morning and fish for Barn Door Halibut from on board your yacht in the afternoon. And as you have your own private Chef and galley on board, your catch goes right from the water into the pan, for a fresh gourmet dining experience. And if fresh salmon sushi or sashimi is your thing, well, it is hard for the fish to be any fresher.
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Bald Eagle
On a yacht charter you can enjoy fishing along with all else that Alaska has to offer, such as watching glaciers calve, Bald Eagles soaring overhead, or whales bubble net feeding next to you. And fish are not the only seafood available. Set out crab pots, or rake clams up from the beach. Alaska has a seemingly never ending source of fresh seafood to be captured from the sea for sumptuous fresh gourmet seafood meals on board your charter yacht.