Written by Missy Johnston


Harbor Island

Cruise on this yacht charter itinerary through the Bahamas Out Islands on a motor yacht or sailing catamaran through Bahamas Out Islands that were settled during the Colonial Bahamian Period. While perhaps more historic ashore, these Bahamas Out Islands have the same beautiful long expanses of beach along with terrific snorkeling and scuba diving locations, that are a signature of all of the Bahamas Out Islands.

Board your yacht in Harbour Island. Enjoy the streets of Dunmore Town that the glossy magazines are labeling as the “new St Barths”. Renowned for brightly colored houses and white picket fences, this elegant little town has art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and straw work to offer. Golf carts are the means of transportation around Harbour Island and will allow you to explore the many narrow streets. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy the sight of an unusual underwater train wreck. Harbour Island is renowned for the pink sand beaches; find an isolated anchorage around the island for a relaxing swim. Overnight.


Current Cut, Bahamas

In the morning cruise along the Devil’s Backbone heading to Current Cut, a narrow channel between the northern tip of Eleuthera Island and the adjacent island of Current. Here there is great snorkeling. For Divers, a high speed drift dive through the cut is considered one of the top diving experiences in the Bahamas. In the evening visit Current Settlement on the island of Eleuthera, a quaint quiet little town settled over 200 years ago. Overnight in a quiet anchorage.


Governors Island Library

Cruise along the western side of the island of Eleuthera to Governor’s Harbor anchoring around James’ Cistern for lunch and swimming, snorkeling, exploring and shelling along the long open beaches. After lunch visit Governor’s Harbor which was first settled in 1648 by freedom of religion seeking Eleutheran explorers from Bermuda. As the oldest settled township in the Bahamas from the colonial period, there are great examples to see of traditional Bahamian homes. Cruise to the other side of Cupid Cay near Laughing Bird Cay to anchor and enjoy excellent snorkeling and beaches. Overnight.


Eleuthera Beach

Cruise to the nearby deserted Sheep Cay with extensive sandy beach areas to enjoy a picnic lunch, swimming, and shelling. After lunch, head north to Hatchet Bay, perhaps stopping to visit the Hatchet Bay Caves. For the Caves you may want to consider hiring the services of a local guide. The caves feature stalactites and stalagmites, and while graffiti can be seen, (some of the wall writings date to the 1800’s), the writings create a record of ships that have passed by for over 2 centuries. Entering into the well protected Hatchet Bay is dramatic through a narrow man made cut into this once land locked lake. Wander along the streets of little Alice Town. Overnight.


Gregory Town Marina

Head to Gregory Town; a colonial Bahamian Pineapple trading center. Pineapples are still grown here and the locals produce pineapple rum at the local Pineapple Town Plantation and Distillery, which may be open for a visit. Take a walk around town and visit the few shops featuring items for sale with a lot of pineapple motifs. And do stop to taste this delicious sweet local black pineapple. Cruise north towards Current Settlement with miles of deserted beaches to swim, snorkel, enjoy water sports, and shelling.

In its natural habitat a bonefish is swimming in the grass flats ocean


In the am, you may want to try your hand at bone fishing around the flats of Current Settlement or along the Coast of Current Island, for which a local guide and flat bottomed boat can be hired. Cruise around the end of Current Island, perhaps stopping at Egg Cay or Russell Cay, finding a peaceful anchorage for swimming, snorkeling, shelling, water sports and for dinner on the top deck under the stars.

Spanish Wells

After breakfast, cruise to the historic town of Spanish Wells. First discovered by Christopher Columbus, Spanish Wells became the last stopping point of the Spanish during the colonial days of Florida to refill with water from the fresh water springs on this island before their long Atlantic crossing. Spanish Wells is a center for lobster fishing in the Bahamas, however there are also many locally made handicrafts from the island in the local shops. In the afternoon, run back through the Devil’s Backbone where there are numerous wrecks, many caused by locals luring the unsuspecting with lit lanterns attached to tethered donkeys onto the reefs for salvage. Head to a quiet anchorage across from Harbour Island for your last evening dinner.


Northern Eleuthera

In the am enjoy the waters for a great final swim and snorkel and then to the docks for the airport in North Eleuthera for the flight home.