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Our Favorite Yacht Charter Fun in the Bahamas!

Feed the swimming pigs, Big Major Cay, Exumas

Marooned on this cay, various pig families subsist on the handouts provided by visiting yachtsmen in their tenders. In their quest for food, these pigs have learned to swim and will swim out to any visiting tender for a food handout. While cute as can be, one should always remember that these pigs are feral, will try to get into the tender for food, may bite or cause injury with their cloven feet when swimming, and can knock an adult right down on the beach.

Submerged Ship Wrecks, Harbour Island

After the shipwreck of a barge carrying this locomotive during the American Civil War, all settled in 15 to 25 feet of water, making this a very unusual wreck to either snorkel or explore via scuba diving around Harbor Island. These and other unfortunate ship wrecks are in this area to be explored by snorkeling and/or scuba diving.

Feed the Iguanas, Allens Cay, Exumas

Inhabited by the Northern Bahamian Rock Iguana, an endangered species, visiting this little cay can only be done by boat. There are a large number of iguanas on this island that all come to the beach at the sound of a boat engine. However to help maintain the health of these wild endangered lizards, the best food to feed them are the little pellets created out of that which is their normal diet in the wild.

Thunderball Grotto, Exumas

So called due to the fact that the James Bond movie Thunderball was filmed here as well as Never Say Never Again, Splash starring Tom Hanks and Into the Blue with Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. While un-prepossessing on the outside, it is the interior which is a magical place in which to snorkel.

Bonefishing, Andros Island

The largest island in The Bahamas is also considered the best island in The Bahamas, and some feel in the world, for top notch bonefishing, both for the number of bonefish and the size of the bonefish when caught, which can be trophy sized.