Written by Missy Johnston

Sydney Opera House, Sydney Australia

The main highlight of the area, Sydney, Australia has something for everyone. Visit the most well-known sites such as the Opera House and the Bondi Icebergs Pool or spend an afternoon taking in the beauty of Sydney by kayak. No matter what you choose to do on land or in the harbor, we know you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying your private luxury yacht charter. After all, exploring Sydney Harbor and Botany Bay by yacht is undeniably one of the best ways to experience this iconic city.

Be sure to hit these high points while you’re cruising around and soaking in the gorgeous sights.

Famous Landmarks

Icebergs Pool at Bondi Beach - Sydney Australia

Icebergs Pool at Bondi Beach | Sydney, Australia

When most people think of Sydney, the Opera House springs to mind. After you’ve toured this architectural masterpiece, you’ll understand why this building is on the list of Sydney’s most unique attractions. Watch a show just to have the experience, but don’t miss the opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look if you get one.

To unwind, head to the Icebergs Pool on Bondi Beach. Whether you’ve heard the name or not, chances are you’ve seen photographs of this famous oceanside saltwater pool. Now is your chance to take a dip and enjoy live music if you visit on the weekend.

Best Restaurant In Sydney

Bay Harbour In The Heart Of Sydney, Australia

Bay Harbour In The Heart Of Sydney, Australia

Quay holds the top spot for the best place to eat in Sydney. Perhaps the most likely option to rival the fine dining experience you’ll have aboard your yacht, Quay delivers exclusivity and luxury with every bite.

This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime restaurants most people will never get to experience, so take the time to revel in the exquisite culinary affair as you sample as many as ten courses during your meal.

Off The Beaten Path

Sunset over Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia

Sunset over Botany Bay, Sydney, Australia

Sailing in Sydney Harbor and Botany Bay on your beautiful private yacht isn’t the only way to explore Sydney’s spectacular harbor. You can take a kayak from your yacht instead and paddle anywhere you’d like to see everything more closely. With the freedom to explore on your own, you can experience Sydney from your private charter yacht in ways most visitors never have the opportunity to do.

If the land and sea aren’t quite enough for you, Sydney also offers scenic helicopter and seaplane tours. Take pictures while you’re high above the city’s most iconic landmarks so you can enjoy those memories for years to come. You can also see Sydney from a high vantage point if you visit Sydney Tower and look out from its observation deck. If you’re feeling exceptionally brave, step outside onto the Skywalk and look down. Or just enjoy Sydney from the harbor from the deck of your charter yacht.