Written by Missy Johnston

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Join your yacht in Canouan after flying in from Puerto Rico.  In the shape of a half circle, Canouan rises from its sandy beaches to the high peak of Mount Royal. Canouan is surrounded by long ribbons of absolutely gorgeous powdery white-sand beaches and blue lagoons. The surrounding coral reefs teem with life, making for great diving and snorkeling. Relax and unwind, snorkel, and enjoy your first dinner on board under the warm, Caribbean skies. Overnight.

Luxury Charter, Luxury Yacht Charter, luxury yachts, sailing, VIP yacht charter


Mustique is about 2 hours away. Pick up a mooring and take a tour of this private island in golf carts to see the homes of the rich and famous. Visit Basil’s Bar, where a chance meeting of David Bowie and Mick Jagger has been known to happen. Overnight.

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Tobago Cays

After breakfast, head to The Tobago Cays.  The Tobago Cays are the highlight of the area. Five perfect uninhabited islands lie within the protection of an encircling coral reef.   This is an excellent snorkeling location. Anchor in the stunning turquoise waters. Overnight.

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Sandy Island, Carriacou

Sandy Island, Carriacou is a one-and-half hour sail. After breakfast take a leisurely sail past Gun Point and Jack o’ Dan.  Cruise into the turquoise waters between Sandy Island and the beautiful St Louis Bay, Carriacou. Isle de Ronde is close by. After anchoring, dive into the beautiful waters and await your evening cocktail. Overnight.

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St. Georges

After a leisurely breakfast, it’s a three and a half hour sail to Prickley Bay, St Georges, Grenada. Enjoy a light lunch underway and soon you are along the west coast of Grenada. The lush mountains of Grenada tower above the bright coastal fishing villages. After anchoring, go ashore for some shopping. Dine on board or ashore.

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Union Island

In the morning leave for Union Island and sail into the stunning reef anchorage of Clifton Harbor. Take a short sail over to Palm Island. Anchor overnight.

Return to Canouan to disembark.