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Ahoy Mate! A Luxury Yacht Charter in Nassau, Bahamas Awaits


Written by Missy Johnston

Nassau, Bahamas, Yacht charter

Nassau, Bahamas

Although it was overrun by pirates in the early 1700’s and proclaimed a “Pirate’s Republic,” Nassau, Bahamas is now a popular tourist destination, known for hot spots such as Atlantis rather than walking the plank. And there’s no better way to experience the gorgeous waters surrounding Nassau and all the city has to offer than on a luxury yacht charter. We have a list of the top attractions to help you start planning your dream yacht charter getaway.


Ahoy Mate! A Luxury Yacht Charter in Nassau, Bahamas Awaits2023-12-04T10:34:10-05:00

Stay Close To Home On A Luxury Yacht Charter Trip Through the Florida Keys


Written by Missy Johnston

Key West Port

Key West Port

While many of us can’t wait to finally take that next vacation, we may not be ready to travel too far (or leave the country). Fortunately, sparkling waters and sunny skies await in the Florida Keys. The best way to enjoy these islands that extend more than 100 miles is on a private yacht charter. This is a yacht charter vacation that features luxury, relaxation, and tropical fun in the sun.


Stay Close To Home On A Luxury Yacht Charter Trip Through the Florida Keys2023-12-04T10:34:14-05:00

Enjoy Fun in the Sun on a Private Yacht Charter in the Bahamas


Written by Missy Johnston

Beautiful Bahamas Waters

Beautiful Bahamas Waters

Nothing says endless white and pink sand beaches and fun in the sun better than a private yacht charter vacation in the Bahamas. Swim in warm, crystal clear blue-green waters and snorkel over extensive and beautiful coral gardens. There are so many different ways to enjoy the Bahamas on a private charter yacht, it seems that the Bahamas is a perfect yacht charter vacation destination.


Enjoy Fun in the Sun on a Private Yacht Charter in the Bahamas2023-12-04T10:35:32-05:00

Two Ways to Experience Great Exuma, Bahamas on Your Next Private Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Great Exuma Island Coral Reef

Great Exuma Island Coral Reef

Great Exuma, Bahamas offers vacationers terrific and unique experiences when vacationing on a Bahamas private yacht charter. Spend the day scuba diving in the crystal clear waters with a PADI-certified scuba diving instructor and visit Angelfish Blue Hole. Located in an enclosed bay off Stocking Island, the waters around Angelfish Blue Hole are home to an abundance of eagle rays and sea turtles. Diving into the “Hole” requires scuba diving to a depth of 92 feet, with flashlights needed for visibility.

Great Exuma Island Beach

Great Exuma Island Beach

After spending the day scuba diving, working up an appetite, head ashore to try the local cuisine. Visitors delight in the “no hurries, no worries” signs that are found throughout the island’s Fish Fry—a selection of food vendors that serve local specialities such as snapper, fries, peas and rice, and lobster. Enjoy casual eating, drinking, and relaxing. Along the marina in Georgetown is Choppy Waters. The seating at Choppy Waters overlooks the marina and the food selection is local cuisine at its finest including plantains, BBQ chicken, fresh caught snapper, and fries. Make Great Exuma, Bahamas your next Bahamas private yacht charter vacation for fun, food, and relaxation.

Two Ways to Experience Great Exuma, Bahamas on Your Next Private Yacht Charter2023-12-04T10:35:42-05:00

Andros Island, Bahamas: An Untouched Paradise for Your Next Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

The Island of Andros, Bahamas

The Island of Andros

Adventure and beauty are calling your name on the island of Andros—an island located in the Bahamas. This nearly untouched island is the largest of the Bahamas, at roughly 100 miles long. It is easily accessed by private yacht charter. The island is stunning, as most of it is uninhabited. There are many stretches of unspoiled land on the island, including free-flowing creeks, deserted beaches, and exotic wildlife. A trip to Andros Island offers a rare opportunity to become connected to nature in a way that you probably haven’t done before.

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

There is no shortage of mystery and wonder that surrounds Andros as well. There is believed to be an underwater 75-foot monster, Lusca, who dwells in the ocean waters. There’s Morgan’s Bluff—the presumed location of a hidden buried treasure from one of the Caribbean’s most feared pirates, Sir Henry Morgan. Perhaps one of the most beautiful wonders of the island though available for snorkeling from your private charter yacht, is the Andros Barrier Reef—the third largest living organism on the planet. Because this island is almost completely uninhabited, this 190-mile reef is in pristine condition with an abundance of fish, whales, and coral for you to explore.

In its natural habitat a bonefish is swimming in the grass flats ocean

The Elusive Bonefish

For the fisherman looking for great sport, bonefishing is at its finest in the saltwater flats around Andros Island, considered a world class bonefishing destination. From your anchored charter yacht, head out with a local bonefishing guide who will supply a flat bottomed boat, and all of the gear needed to stalk this elusive fish.

Andros Island, Bahamas: An Untouched Paradise for Your Next Yacht Charter2023-12-04T10:37:36-05:00

A Private Yacht Charter Stop in Thunderball Grotto Bahamas


Written by Missy Johnston

Thunderball Grotto Inside the Grotto

Thunderball Grotto Inside the Grotto

To visitors approaching by private yacht charter tender, on the outside, this island in the Exumas chain in the Bahamas is a quiet, uninhabited place. There is nothing to hear but the splash of the waves and the calling of birds. Once you’ve donned your snorkeling or scuba gear, however, you can be transported to the famed interior grotto made immortal in several Hollywood films.

Thunderball Grotto earned its name from the same Bond film. Splash, Never Say Never Again, and Into the Blue also featured scenes here. It is a series of caves where the light goes from aquamarine to green and gold, filled with beautiful tropical fish and other wildlife. Learn more about the grotto and its cinematic history here.

A visit to Thunderball Grotto would not be complete without a stop at Staniel Cay and other unique experiences nearby, including visiting Great Major Cay to feed the feral swimming pigs. We have a sample itinerary packed with fun for your next Bahamas yacht charter.

Bahamas Thunderball Cave Beautiful Parrot Fish in the Cave

Thunderball Cave

A Private Yacht Charter Stop in Thunderball Grotto Bahamas2023-12-04T10:37:40-05:00

Exumas Private Yacht Charter Itinerary: Nassau to Georgetown


Written by Missy Johnston

Beautiful Beaches of the Bahamas

On an Exumas yacht charter, any number of days can be spent enjoying the lovely water, great beaches, and all there is to see and do in the Exumas. This itinerary is for 10 days, however can be shortened to 7 days or extended to 14 days. Once you are in the Bahamas on an Exumas yacht charter, you may find it very hard to leave.


Exumas Private Yacht Charter Itinerary: Nassau to Georgetown2023-12-04T10:38:16-05:00

Why The Exumas Should Be Your Next Bahamas Yacht Charter Destination


Luxury private crewed yacht charter - Florida and the Bahama islands

Beautiful Bahamas

Written by Missy Johnston

As you know, in September 2019, Hurricane Dorian caused significant damage to the Bahamas. The Abacos Islands, along with other popular Bahamas Out Island destinations north of Nassau, sustained a direct hit from the Category 5 storm. However, other Bahama islands remained untouched and still open for business, including the Exumas. The Bahamas Out Islands stretch over a very large area, so that while one island chain can sustain damage, other island areas are untouched. These islands are very dependent on tourism revenue, and the Exumas are still as beautiful as ever. If you are considering a private yacht charter in this region, this is a perfect time to go on a yacht charter in the Exuma Islands.


Why The Exumas Should Be Your Next Bahamas Yacht Charter Destination2023-12-04T14:37:34-05:00

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas and the Beautiful Exuma Islands


Bahamas beach

Bahamas Beach

Written by Missy Johnston

Yacht Charter in the Bahamas can be arranged for any one of many island chains in this country with far flung islands sprinkled across the Atlantic, however a favorite, and with good reason, are the Exuma Islands. Once known as Yumey and Suma, the Exumas were first settled by British Loyalists that flocked to these beautiful cays after the American Revolutionary War. Today, beginning just 35 miles south of Nassau and stretching 130 miles, The Exumas are more a playground that can be enjoyed by land, however are far more spectacular when enjoyed by sea on a yacht charter in the Bahamas.


Yacht Charter in the Bahamas and the Beautiful Exuma Islands2023-12-04T10:39:06-05:00

Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary: Out Islands


Written by Missy Johnston


Harbor Island

Cruise on this yacht charter itinerary through the Bahamas Out Islands on a motor yacht or sailing catamaran through Bahamas Out Islands that were settled during the Colonial Bahamian Period. While perhaps more historic ashore, these Bahamas Out Islands have the same beautiful long expanses of beach along with terrific snorkeling and scuba diving locations, that are a signature of all of the Bahamas Out Islands.

Board your yacht in Harbour Island. Enjoy the streets of Dunmore Town that the glossy magazines are labeling as the “new St Barths”. Renowned for brightly colored houses and white picket fences, this elegant little town has art galleries, restaurants, boutiques and straw work to offer. Golf carts are the means of transportation around Harbour Island and will allow you to explore the many narrow streets. Diving enthusiasts will enjoy the sight of an unusual underwater train wreck. Harbour Island is renowned for the pink sand beaches; find an isolated anchorage around the island for a relaxing swim. Overnight.


Bahamas Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary: Out Islands2023-12-04T10:41:42-05:00
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