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Exuma Islands Private Yacht Charter: Nassau to Nassau


Written by Missy Johnston

Atlantis In Bahamas


Join your yacht in the capital city of Nassau to cruise 34 miles to another world. There are more than 700 islands in The Bahamas, with the Exuma chain reaching south at least 120 miles. Arrive at the Allen’s Cay group of islands to explore nearby beaches and to meet the large population of protected native iguanas on Leaf Cay or Southwest Allan’s Cay, which always comes out to greet visitors. Good snorkeling and fishing surround this collection of some 13 small islands and reefs.

In the morning cruise to uninhabited Hawksbill Cay, on of the prettiest cays in the Land and Sea Park. Walk along the beautiful expanse of beaches and climb the large hill for a panoramic view of the anchorage. In the afternoon hike the trails to explore ruins of Loyalist plantations dating from 1783 and enjoy a picnic lunch.


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Itinerary; Bahamas Yacht Charters out of Harbour Island


Written by Missy Johnston

Bahamas Harbour Island

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Charter a yacht choosing from one of the many private yachts for charter in the Bahamas, and enjoy a luxury yacht charter out of Harbour Island. The yacht charter cruise area around Harbour Island, including Spanish Wells, is the heart of the Colonial Bahamas era, as this was the first area that Europeans settled in the Bahamas by sailing from Bermuda in search of religious freedom. In fact the largest island anchoring the area is Eleuthera, which is the Greek word for freedom. This is a luxury yacht cruising area where not only will you enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters for snorkeling and scuba diving, and the unique pink sand beaches for which this area is famous, but you can also explore villages and see excellent examples of Bahamian Colonial architecture. Most of the crewed yachts for rent in the Bahamas are motor yachts due to the shallow waters, and there is a very nice selection available for your yacht charter.


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Beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas on Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Harbor Island, Bahamas, VIP Yacht Charter

Harbor Island, Bahamas

To see true pink sand on your crewed yacht charter in the Bahamas, be sure to include Harbour Island, rated one of the Best Beaches in the Bahamas by many travel advisors. There are over 3.5 miles of beautiful pink sand beaches, which you may have, in certain locations, all to yourself. The pink sand beaches are found along the east side of the island and are colored by coral bits and small shells from the coral reef right offshore. Harbour Island was one of the first stops in the colonization of the Bahamas by the Europeans, and has always been prized as a vacation location. In the late 1700’s, Harbour Island was the location of summer residence of John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, Governor of the Bahamas from 1786 to 1798. Harbour Island has always rated as a terrific location in the Bahamas to stop while on a crewed yacht charter in the Bahamian Out Islands


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Bahamas Out Islands Luxury Yacht Charter: Which Ones to Visit?


Written by Missy Johnston

Video of the Bahamas Out Islands

The Abacos, Acklins and Crooked Island, Andros, The Berry Islands, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera and Harbour Island, the Exumas, Inagua, Long Island, Mayaguana, Run Cay and San Salvador are all very different; what they have in common is that they are all part of the Bahamas Out Islands. The Bahamas Out Islands are a fabulous yacht charter location especially to relax with peace and quiet floating on crystal clear waters with miles of pristine pink sand beaches, and shallow waters all around for swimming, snorkeling or other water sports. (more…)

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Luxury Yacht Charter in Florida: Don’t Forget the Florida Keys


Written by Missy Johnston

Florida Keys, luxury yacht, luxury yacht charter

The Florida Keys

Stringing off of the southern tip of the state of Florida are the Florida Keys, which are a lovely yacht charter destination. These islands extend a good 110 miles through warm, clear waters of various shades of blue sparkling under predominately sunny skies. The Florida Keys are the only living coral barrier reef in the United States and offer great snorkeling and scuba diving. And the area is well known for both bonefishing and world-class sportfishing. So, think of the Florida Keys for your next yacht charter, boarding in Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, easy locations to reach for a week of relaxing tropical fun in the sun in these southern tropical keys.


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Bahamian Dragons: Exuma Islands Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Allans Cay, Iguana, Luxury yacht charter, luxury charter

Iguana at Allan’s Cay

In the Exuma Island chain on a small deserted cay called Allan’s Cay is a colony of the rare black iguanas, called the Bahamian Rock Iguana, or the Bahamian Dragon. The adults of this iguana subspecies are a dull gray black and can be found on around 7 cays in the Exuma Islands. Allan’s Cay is a easy cruise from Staniel Cay a good location to stop for night on your yacht charter itinerary for the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas, and is actually a group of 3 small islets with an anchorage in the middle. Seeing this rare iguana at Allan’s Cay is a great and easy stop during your yacht charter. There are a large number of iguanas on this cay, and they look forward to visits. Anchoring nearby and taking the yacht tender to the beach usually brings iguanas down to the beach area to investigate. They are surprisingly friendly, however this may be from knowledge over the years that visiting yachtsmen usually bring food, so be sure to bring a snack or two to give to these rare creatures. (more…)

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Stalking the Elusive Bonefish: Bahamas Private Yacht Charter


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Luxury yacht, Luxury yacht charter, Bahamas Stalking the Bonefish


Bonefishing is a sport unlike any other, even unlike any other type of fishing. And there are only a few perfect bonefishing areas, one of which is Andros Island in the Bahamas. To try your hand at bonefishing, it is easy to visit Andros Island on a yacht charter in the Bahamas. As the largest island in the Bahamas, Andros Island is also the least populated, unless you count bonefish and there are thousands of these tough fighting fish. And, Andros Island bonefish are reputed to be some of the largest bonefish in the world, so it is even possible to catch a trophy sized bonefish on a fishing expedition during your charter. Include Andros Island in your Bahamas yacht charter itinerary and stalk the wild bonefish on your next charter.


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Atlantis Hotel and Marina, Bahamas: A Great Yacht Charter Start


Written by Missy Johnston

Atlantis Resort, luxury yacht, luxury yacht charter
Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

Your yacht could be located right here at the Atlantis Hotel Marina on Paradise Island for boarding and starting your yacht charter vacation in the Bahamas off with a bang. Or stay several days before or after your charter to wind up or wind down. Overlooked by the hotel complex, the marina is tucked into the harbor front of the resort. Surrounding the marina are the Marina Village Shops ringing the docks. The Atlantis Hotel and Marina is an impressive, sprawling resort with services for families, children, and honeymooners. (more…)

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Charter The Exumas, Where Pigs Don’t Fly…They Swim!


Written by Missy Johnston

Swimming pigs, luxury yachts, luxury yacht charter

Exumas Swimming Pig

The Exumas Island Chain, located in The Bahamas stretching 120 miles south out of Nassau, is an excellent charter location. Miles of pristine deserted beaches stretch beside multicolored clear blue and green waters. We loved cruising there. Yours may be the only footprints in the white and sometimes pink powdery sand. You can swim, snorkel in shallow waters for hours, and the shelling is excellent. This is a yacht charter location perfect for fun in the sun and really enjoying warm tropical waters. (more…)

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