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The Luxury Hotel Restaurant that is a “Must-Do” for the Private Yacht Charterer


Written by Missy Johnston

French Riviera Cap Ferret Eden Roc

Cap Ferret, Eden Roc

The Grill at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc is a decadent culinary and cultural experience with a view you’ll never forget. Located at the famed Hotel du Cap on the Cote d’Azur, the Grill sits right on the water. (There is also a more formal dining room upstairs inside the hotel, and a Champagne Bar on the roof.) This means private yacht charter visitors can anchor directly in front of the restaurant!

Antibes Market

Antibes Market

For your lunch or dinner reservation, head ashore in the ship’s tender to The Grill’s private tender dock right at the restaurant. Enjoy a fine cocktail and a classic French meal while gazing at your yacht at anchor in the midst of an amazing view. There is much more to do in Antibes; this guide can be helpful in planning out a full day ashore.

Cap D’antibes, French Riviera

View of Cap d’Antibes in the French Riviera

The Luxury Hotel Restaurant that is a “Must-Do” for the Private Yacht Charterer2023-12-04T10:37:38-05:00

Discover Antibes, France on a Private Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

The French Riviera

The French Riviera

The French Riviera boasts so much more than gorgeous beaches. Of course, you can spend every single day on the beach and feel like you’ve had a fantastic vacation when visiting Antibes. For the explorer, however, there are also not-to-be-missed excursions and adventures at hand. The private yacht charter traveler who loves a deep dive into history can climb up to Fort Carre. There you will see the 16th-century building used as a prison (for notables including Napoleon Bonaparte during the French Revolution) and learn more about warfare in that era. Fort Carre is located in Antibes Old Town, where you can feast on mussels in white wine and crepes, and buy a tourist trinket or two, or a handful of Provence lavender.

Antibes Market

Antibes Market

We also recommend following this superyacht insider itinerary for the South of France; it’s a bucket-list trip. The Cap d’Antibes, for example, is a sightseeing spot worth its weight in gold, lined with gardens, fabulous estates, and gorgeous ocean views.

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A Historical Look at Le Club 55


Pamplonne Beach and Club 55 San Tropez

Pamplonne Beach and Club 55 in San Tropez

Written by Missy Johnston

In 1955, And God Created Woman was filmed on little-known Pampelonne Beach in Saint-Tropez, starring an equally little-known actress, Brigitte Bardot. The film was a salacious smash hit both in France and across the world. It launched Bardot into superstardom along with Saint Tropez. Just a humble set of cottages at the time, Le Club 55 also grew into one of the hottest beach clubs in existence. To learn more about how both Bardot and Le Club 55 became legends, click here.


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Beyond the Red Carpet – Traveling in Cannes


Cannes, France

Written by Missy Johnston

When someone mentions Cannes, France, does your mind go straight to the eponymous film festival? You’re not alone. Starlets in couture aside, this city is a vibrant and welcoming hotspot for any tourist. If you plan to visit in winter, spring, summer, or fall, this guide includes recommendations for everything from beaches to food and drinks.

Personally, we recommend taking a private yacht charter to this glamorous seaside location. The French Riviera comes alive from the deck of your luxury yacht. You can visit a cabaret, where glam meets camp for a night that you will never forget. Otherwise, if an espresso and a croissant at a seaside cafe is what you’re looking for, Cannes has it all avec panache. And for those that do want to see the Red Carpet and everyone gliding down the ribbon of red to the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, one of the best views is from an upper deck of a luxury charter yacht anchored right off of Pointe Croisette while your crew waits on you hand and foot. We can provide even more helpful travel tips to plan your luxury Cannes vacation today.

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Corsica and Sardinia Great Yacht Charter Itinerary


Bonifacio, Luxury Yacht charter

Bonifacio Walled City

Written by Missy Johnston

Cruise Corsica and Sardinia, in this one week yacht charter itinerary. It is the juxtaposition of two different countries with two different cultures that adds special magic to this one week yacht charter itinerary of Corsica and Sardinia. Start in Bonifacio, Corsica, topped by a medieval walled village perched picturesquely on the white chalk cliffs of southern Corsica, While cruising Corsica and Sardinia, include the Costa Smeralda with Porto Cervo, and the Maddalena Islands for a lovely one week luxury yacht charter.


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Our Favorite Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations and Why We Love Them


Navigating Your Way to the Best Mediterranean Yacht Cruise

 Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

Beautiful Mediterranean Waters near Cinque Terre, Italy

Written by Missy Johnston

Looking to book your next private yacht charter in the Mediterranean? From the East Mediterranean to the West Mediterranean, each region offers something unique and special. Think Greece, Italy, Sardinia, the French Riviera, and more, where you can experience different cultures and savor your days between land and sea.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor of the Mediterranean or a seasoned sailor, you’ll indulge your senses and enjoy stunning scenery. It’s truly a magical escape you’ll never forget. A luxury yacht charter is the ideal way to enjoy and explore these Mediterranean regions. CharterWorld with Missy Johnston is here to help you navigate the right luxury yacht vacation for your upcoming holiday. Below are our favorite Mediterranean yacht charter destinations and why we love them.

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Megayacht Itinerary French & Italian Rivieras


Cinque Terre Sunset, Italy

Cinque Terre Sunset

Written by Missy Johnston

Cruise from San Tropez, France to Porto Venere, Italy, on a luxury megayacht charter itinerary enjoying the highlights of both the French and Italian Rivieras. Relax stern-to on board the aft deck of your superyacht in the chic harbors of San Tropez, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Portofino. Cruise the lovely coastline dotted with quaint fishing villages along the Cinque Terre, and end in Porto Venere, the rustic playground of famous poets on a yacht charter cruising itinerary combining the best of both countries.


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Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising Sardinia and Corsica


Written by Missy Johnston

Sardinia Private Bay


It’s a tale of two countries, two islands, and two cultures, one Italian and the other French on a yacht charter cruising itinerary of northern Sardinia and southern Corsica. And in between the two larger islands, visit the smaller Italian Maddalena Islands and the French Lavezzi Islands, all on a crewed yacht charter of Sardinia and Corsica.


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Enjoy this Yacht Charter Itinerary Exploring Corsica and Sardinia


Written by Missy Johnston

Ajaccio cityscape Corsica island France. Beach


Two of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, this yacht charter itinerary, including both Corsica and Sardinia, offers a myriad of anchorages and ports to discover on a luxury yacht charter. As an added bonus on this yacht charter itinerary, visit the Maddalena and the Lavezzi Islands, two beautiful little archipelagos situated between Corsica and Sardinia with great anchorages, and lovely beaches.


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Enjoy Corsica and Sardinia on a Crewed Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

 Sardinia, Private Bay, luxury yacht charter

Sardinia Bay

Cruise Corsica and Sardinia on this yacht charter itinerary. The southern coast of Corsica is a mere 14 nautical miles from the northern coast of Sardinia. Visit the oh so very French island of Corsica and the oh so very Italian Island of Sardinia on a private yacht charter gives a taste of two great cultures in a manner only available on a crewed yacht charter of Corsica and Sardinia.


Enjoy Corsica and Sardinia on a Crewed Yacht Charter2023-12-04T10:40:59-05:00
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