Written by Missy Johnston

For those who are active and energetic, try combining a crewed, private yacht charter with bicycling in Turkey. Cruise by sea to see the coastline, and bicycle in Turkey to see the countryside. Experience this delightful country by both land and sea. Certainly a yacht charter is the best way to see the Turkish coastline up front and personal, and a bicycling tour through the countryside is the best way to see the landscape of Turkey. In the cooler months of spring and fall combine a yacht charter out of Bodrum, Marmaris, or Gocek, with bicycling in various inland parts of Turkey for the best of two worlds.

Cycling Along the Turkish Coast

Bicycling touring companies offer the freedom of bicycling in Turkey along tiny roads through farmlands and historic inland sites in true comfort supplied by a van following with luggage and refreshments. Bicycling tours can be customized, and consist just of your own group, however you will always have your own private guide, as your “Captain” just like on a yacht charter and a daily route map to follow. Bicycling in Turkey on a tour can be before or after a charter and even just for one day during a charter, while you cycle on shore alongside your charter yacht cruising along the coast

Cycling in Turkey

We particularly like the local Turkish company out of Bodrum called the Mugla Cycling Association, where on shore cycling can be organized for any size group, any length of time from a day to weeks and is always organized with a Guide, bicycle, helmet, route map and van to follow. You can either start and finish your ride at the same point or start at one point and finish at another where you might meet your yacht again. The route can be organized for a hotel stay each night, or for group camping in tents to really experience the Turkish countryside.

Cycling Along the Turkish Coast

Prepare to visit a villager’s home to see them weaving carpets, take a break at a local cafe for a cold drink or Turkish coffee, stop to wander through the myriad of historic ancient sites that litter the countryside unfenced as true “ruins in the wild”, experience really local food in remote areas, ride through villages that rarely see any visitors, and enjoy the beauty of the Turkish countryside, with air pungent with the smell of ripening vegetables, and depending on the season, orange and lemon trees flowering while active bees work making citrus honey from field side hives. Farming in Turkey is old style, mainly organic, producing fresh milk, homemade cheeses, local honey and vine and tree ripened fruits and vegetables.

Photo Break While on a Cycling Tour

While your yacht charter Chef will provision with all of the local fresh Turkish foods, when bicycling in Turkey, you can bicycle through the citrus, almond and olive tree fields, stopping perhaps for a ripened pomegranate or fresh squeezed orange or pomegranate juice. For breakfast to fuel for the coming ride, try fresh bread with local honey or wild cherry jam, home cured olives and cheeses and of course, fresh thick Turkish yogurt.

Lunch Break While on Cycling Tour

Combine a crewed yacht charter with a bicycling in Turkey along the coast and inland roads to really experience Turkey by land and sea.