Written by Missy Johnston

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If you really want to see and experience the extraordinary natural splendor of Alaska, then only a crewed yacht charter will do! Unlike large crew ships, a crewed charter yacht can slip right into little anchorages ringed by bald eagles perched in the surrounding trees, cruise closely along the coast with bears in easy sight, anchor in isolated areas at the mouth of a salmon or trout fly fishing stream, and sit right under a calving tidewater glacier. This and everything else that is the Alaskan Experience is up front and personal on a crewed yacht charter in Alaska.

CharterWorld with Missy Johnston is very familiar with the best cruising areas in Alaska, and have organized many private crewed yacht charters in the region. Imagine cruising up Tracy Arm, just south of Juneau, to the calving faces of the twin Sawyer Glaciers, where huge ice chunks calve off of the face of the glaciers almost every hour with a thunderous roar while the ice drops into the waters around you. Sea kayak around the ice floes in Tracy Arm, where little shy harbor seals are sunning, and break off pieces of centuries old ice for glacier ice cocktails at sunset.

Anchor in remote areas between islands where ashore you can hike through original virgin forests with moss thick on the ground underneath your feet. Visit sunning sea lions by ship’s tender and watch their playful antics. Sit very close to a pod of humpback whales swimming in the age old dance of bubble net feeding and watch and hear their mysterious communications.

The waters in Alaska are filled with various species of salmon all returning home to their upstream spawning grounds. Salmon can be fished for in the various bays or try fly fishing in the streams. Better yet, sit back and watch the bears fish for salmon in the streams as the salmon swim upstream to their destiny.

Visit Sitka and hike through the fabulous Sitka National Historic Park with miles of trails littered with Tlingit Indian totem poles for a taste of the Tlingit Indian culture. Hike into the Baranof Warm Springs to soak in the warm mineral water while surrounded by beautiful forest scenery. This is a great location to fish for cutthroat trout when in season.

Cruise along the shores of Admiralty Island, or Kootznoowoo (Fortress of the Bear) as it is known to the indigenous Tlingits, looking for brown bears, as this island is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America. About 1,600 brown bears inhabit the Admiralty Island and they outnumber the Tlingit community of Angoon, the only settlement on the island, about three to one.

In Juneau, Alaska’s capital and the state’s third largest city, is the Alaska State Museum, which has permanent collections that highlight Alaska’s native peoples, natural history, the Alaska-Yukon gold rushes, and the American period of the state’s history. Exhibits include artwork and artifacts, photographs, murals, kayak models and a children’s room. As Juneau is surrounded by glacier ice, this is the perfect location to take a helicopter ride to land and walk right on top of a glacier.

Float planes can always be arranged to fly up the various valleys and fjords, especially beautiful Misty Fjords National Monument and Wilderness Area to see the majestic landscape, and wildlife. Watch mountain goats scamper along the sides of the fjords, and large moose graze in the high mountain pastures.

Seeing Alaska by crewed yacht charter is a fabulous way, and unlike any other, to discover the wonders and grandeur of the natural world, wildlife and marine life that is the Alaskan Experience!