Yacht Charter Itinerary Nassau to Exuma Islands to Nassau, Bahamas

Written by Missy Johnston

Government House Square, Nassau yacht charter

Government House Nassau

Board your charter yacht to begin this yacht charter itinerary in Nassau after being met by your crew at the airport with a private transfer, and cruise 34 miles to another world. There are more than 700 islands in The Bahamas, with the Exuma Island chain reaching 120 miles south. Enjoy lunch prepared by your onboard yacht charter Chef while cruising south to Highbourne Cay to anchor for the night.

Highbourne Cay Beach Bahamas

Highbourne Cay

Spend the day anchored at Highbourne Cay, having fun in the sun, perhaps snorkeling, using the charter yacht water toys, swimming, and enjoying the beaches. This is a great spot to jump in the charter yacht tender and head out fishing, perhaps for fresh catch for dinner to be prepared by your onboard charter Chef. Everywhere are beautiful shades of crystal clear warm water in various hues of blue and green. Overnight on anchor.

Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay Harbor

Nurse Sharks Compass Cay Harbor

Enjoy breakfast and then cruise to Compass Cay to anchor. Compass Cay has a naturally protected harbor that is home to a docile group a nurse sharks. This is another great location to jump in the charter yacht tender to head out fishing.

Visit Rachel’s Bubble Bath, a lagoon on the north end, and the island’s nicest spot, which borders Conch Cut, an “inlet” from Exuma Sound, along the southern boundary of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. The lagoon is fed by water from the Sound which breaks over a notch in the lava rocks, causing bubbles to form on the surface, hence, the name “Bubble Bath”.

Throughout the island is a vast system of trails, and on the southern end of the island is the Bat Cave. For an energetic hike, climb Compass Peak, which at 92 feet from sea level is the highest point of the island and offers a great view. Overnight on anchor.

Beautiful Parrot Fish Thunderball Grotto Bahamas

Thunderball Grotto

Enjoy a lazy tropical breakfast before cruising to Staniel Cay where the harbor is ringed by a settlement of brightly colored houses. There is so much to do in this area that spending two days here is so easy to do.

Snorkelers and scuba divers will enjoy exploring Thunderball Cave, the site of the movies “Splash” and “Thunderball”. Visit Allen’s Cay to explore nearby beaches and to meet the large population of protected native iguanas on Leaf Cay or Southwest Allan’s Cay. These Black Iguanas only live here and several other locations in the world, and always come out to greet visitors at the sound of outboard engines. However, do be prepared to feed these iguanas their normal iguana feed which is available for purchase at Staniel Cay.

The charter yacht water toys will always be in the water for fun in the sun. Overnight on anchor.

Swimming Pigs Big Major Cay Bahamas yacht charter

Swimming Pigs

Allen’s Cay Black Iguanas Bahamas yacht charter

Allen’s Cay Black Iguana

Cruise in the charter yacht’s tender from Staniel Cay to Big Major Cay to visit and feed the swimming piggies. After, spend time swimming, enjoying snorkeling, walking along the beaches, perhaps shelling and all of the charter yacht water toys.

In the evening, cruise to Sandy Cay. Have a Bonfire Extravaganza Barbecue Dinner on deserted Sandy Cay right behind Big Major Cay near the pig’s home with torches, blue tooth music and fairy lights for an evening of fun and dancing in the sand. Overnight at Sandy Cay on anchor.

Warderick Wells Underwater Exuma Land and Sea Park Bahamas yacht charter

Warderick Wells Underwater Exuma Land and Sea Park

After breakfast, cruise to Warderick Wells, headquarters of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, where you’ll be greeted by an amazing display of different water colors swirling over the shallow sand banks upon approach. Snorkeling is excellent here on nearby reefs.

After there is so much to do and see in the Exuma Land and Sea Park. On shore, check out the sperm whale skeleton on the beach and enjoy the park’s four miles of walking trails. Legend has it that a ship carrying missionaries once wrecked off this island and the locals swear on moonlit nights a ghostly congregation can be heard singing hymns. Listen for them as you dine al fresco on the top deck of your charter yacht. Overnight on anchor.

Hawksbill Cay beach Bahamas

Hawksbill Cay beach

In the morning cruise to uninhabited Hawksbill Cay, one of the prettiest cays in the Exumas Land and Sea Park. Walk along the beautiful expanse of beaches and climb the large hill for a panoramic view of the anchorage. In the afternoon hike the trails to explore ruins of Loyalist plantations dating from 1783 and enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by your onboard yacht Chef.

Nassau Lighthouse on Paradise Island Bahamas

Lighthouse at the Opening of Nassau Harbor

Leave early around 8:00am to return to Nassau to disembark your charter yacht around 12:00noon for a flight home.

Exumas Restaurants

Staniel Cay Yacht Club: Staniel Cay, More Upscale. Reservations required the day of dining, two seating’s, dinner selection required by 3:00pm, each entrée includes soup, salad, entrée, desert

Taste and Sea: Staniel Cay, Very Casual Conch Shack

Macduff’s, Norman Cay, More Upscale. Executive Chef Jason Wallace studied abroad in England as well as the USA, then returned to his native Bahamas and pursued his passion working in top restaurants at the Grand Hyatt Resort, Wyndham Nassau Resort, and the Nassau Beach Hotel. Chef Wallace is known for his devotion to fresh, local ingredients and creative twists on Bahamian cuisine. He believes that people eat with their eyes first; therefore, each dish must be plated to impress. Skillful, passionate and creative, Chef Wallace endeavors to make each and everyone’s dining experience at MacDuff’s Restaurant and Grille a memorable one.