Yacht Charter Itinerary Corsica and Sardinia

Written by Missy Johnston

Ajaccio France


Board in the port of Ajaccio, Corsica. This town, first established by the city state of Genoa in the 1400’s, is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is a busy little town with the old citadel right next to the main harbor, and where old city buildings, with an Italianate feel, ring the main quay. Visit ashore, and explore the little streets and shops. At night this town comes alive with nightlife. Dock overnight.

Corsica Lavezzi Islands

Iles Sanguinaires

10 nautical miles south of Ajaccio are les Iles Sanguinaires, a tiny archipelago in which to enjoy a swim. Cruise a few more miles to Anse de Cacalu, a lovely little bay, and anchor for lunch. In the afternoon cruise to Propriano, at the bottom of Valinco bay to overnight. Situated on an incline of hills with a grandstand view over Propriano, hike up to Olmeto, a quaint little village, reflecting old Corsica with buildings with tiled gabled roofs lining old cobble-stoned streets.

Corsica, Luxury Yacht Charter

Scoglio Bianco

In the am cruise to “Scoglio Bianco” to anchor where a tiny inland creek feeds out into the bay creating beautiful turquoise water which is surrounded by white granite rocks worn into unique shapes. This is a gorgeous spot to anchor for lunch and a swim, or anchor in front of the nice sand beach of Plage d’argent, if the weather allows. After lunch cruise to the quiet uninhabited Lavezzi Islands to anchor overnight away from it all.

Alghero, Sardinia. Grotto

Alghero Coastline

Explore this dreamy archipelago, which only has one lighthouse, and two cemeteries where the 750 crew of the Semillante, which sank in 1855, are buried. The island coves are a terrific location for relaxing and enjoying water sports and swimming, while the fine sandy beaches offer a taste of paradise. After lunch sail from Sardinia to Alghero, once a holding of the Spanish Castillians. Overnight

Alghero, Luxury Yacht Charter


A flourishing fishing port, Alghero has a picturesque and well-preserved old town enclosed in a stout girdle of walls; surrounded by the new town which is laid out in a grid of parallel streets with hotels, shops, bars and restaurants. The town has a very Spanish flavor; a cultural feel established by the invasion in 1354 of the armies of Pedro IV of Aragon. The narrow cobbled streets of the old town are lined with churches and buildings with facades decorated with wrought-iron balconies. Within are boutiques, cafes, and the workshops of craftsmen creating jewelry and other souvenirs out of the famed coral of Alghero. Explore this area enjoying the many beaches and little bays. Overnight.

Santa Teresa,France

Santa Teresa

Cruise to Santa Teresa, directly across from Bonifacio, Corsica, and well known for lovely long sandy beaches. On the way, enjoy one of a number of lovely little bays, and beaches with beautiful water in which to anchor for lunch and a swim.

Bonifacio, Chalk Cliffs


In the morning spend time along this coast before heading to Bonifacio, enjoying the water, water sports and swimming. Later in the afternoon, cruise into Bonifacio Harbor. Approaching Bonifacio by sea is spectacular as the Old Town medieval village is clinging to the tops of the white chalk cliffs surrounding the harbor entrance. Before or after dinner take a walk to explore the walled medieval Old Town of Bonifacio.

Disembark in the am.