Yacht Charter Itinerary Sitka to Ketchikan, Alaska

Written by Missy Johnston

The Sitka National Historic Park


Join your yacht in Sitka. Settle in, meet your crew, and depart on your Alaskan adventure. Cruise through the scenic Olga and Nefga Straits, Sergius Narrows and Peril Straits, a beautiful passage separating the scenic islands of Baranof and Chichagof. Look ashore for bears as they roam the beaches and bays as this is bear country. After anchoring in Hoonah Sound, take a tender ride to explore the surrounding shoreline looking for bald eagles before returning to your yacht for dinner.

Blue Lake on Baranof Island in Alaska seen from high up on the of Bear Mountain

Baranof Island

Cruise down the east side of Baranof Island with a stop at Warm Springs Bay to enjoy the remote hot springs. Hike along the raised wooden trails up to the lake and then return to soak in the hot springs. If it is Steelhead Trout season, the lake is a great location for trout fishing. Return for lunch before continuing south to an anchorage in Red Bluff Bay. This is a great area for sea kayaking and wildlife viewing.

Humpback whale breach Frederick Sound SW Alaska

Humpback Whale in Frederick Sound

Enjoy breakfast underway as the yacht proceeds eastward in Frederick Sound into the heart of whale country. This world-famous area is considered the best place in the world to view whales, including Humpbacks, Orcas and Sall Porpoises. Hear you can spend hours watching Humpback Whales bubble net feeding, an extraordinary group endeavor by whales to feed, which is rarely seen. Continue to the uninhabited and wildlife filled Brothers Islands to anchor in the spectacular Thomas Bay. This is a great opportunity to take photographs via tender or to sea kayak. Or hike through the virgin forests on Brothers Islands, where your feet will sink into forest bed moss up to your ankles.

Harbor Seals on Ice Floes in Tracy Arm

Ice Floes

Another early start to the day insures more chances to encounter sea life while passing by ice floes calved into the sea from Le Conte Glacier. Paddle and/or cruise among the ice floes with the tender and sea kayaks. This is a great opportunity to chip off a piece of centuries old glacier ice for drinks. Continue to the scenic town of Petersburg for a quick visit to Alaska’s “Little Norway”. Cruise south in Wrangell Narrows, a rich, fast waterway, about 22 miles long, with tides varying from a high of 19 feet to a low of -4 feet in one day. Overnight in Wrangell.

Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell Narrows

Enjoy a leisurely day of exploring, hiking, and kayaking in the forests and surrounding waters of Wrangell. Perhaps try your hand at fishing, setting crab pots, or even clamming on shore, if the tides are right. Sit back and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.

Bald Eagles Alaska

Bald Eagles on the Shore

After breakfast cruise to the remote, quaint village of Meyers Chuck. This tiny enclave is home to many local artists. Continue to Helm Bay to anchor for the evening and enjoy dinner while watching the sun set over Guard Island.

Enjoying the wildlife near Ketchikan

Enjoying the wildlife near Ketchikan

Cruise to Ketchikan to disembark.