Frederick Sound, Alaska

Written by Missy Johnston

Humpback whale breach Frederick Sound SW Alaska

Humpback Whale Breaching the Water in Frederick Sound

Being on a private yacht charter in Frederick Sound, Alaska on yacht charters in Alaska is one of the best ways to truly observe humpback whales living and bubble net feeding in their natural summer habitat. About 1,000 of the estimated 6,000 humpback North Pacific whales feed in Southeast Alaska in the summer and of those about 500 will enter the Frederick Sound. They are drawn to the abundant herring and krill that thrive here.

Alaska Killer Whales

Alaska Killer Whales

Cruising on a private yacht, allows you to stop anytime and sit right within virtual reach of the whales, which is just not possible on a larger cruise ship. And on a private yacht charter you can choose how long you watch the whales and when you move on.

About a dozen humpback whales are feeding on herring near Juneau, Alaska

Pod of Whales Bubble Net Feeding

To feed, a pod of whales and calves congregate together to corral schools of herring and krill into a small space, at which point the whales dive underwater together in a circle to try to scoop up their dinner in an age old dance of nature called bubble net feeding. The scooping action causes whales to swim virtually straight up out of the water in a circle with little fish caught in the center of the circle dancing above their open jaws. Seeing a group of these huge mammals with open jaws as they bubble net feed is a once in a lifetime sight and most easily done by crewed yacht charter.

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Alaskan Black Bears

Other marine life that call this area home are orcas (killer whales), sea lions, harbor seals and Dall’s porpoise, along with a variety of sea birds. Look inland toward the shores of the temperate forest to spot black bears, brown bears, wolves, moose, mountain goats, otters, porcupines and bald eagles.

Alaska SS Bald Eagle

Alaska Bald Eagle