Written by Missy Johnston

 Sardinia, Private Bay, luxury yacht charter

Sardinia Bay

Cruise Corsica and Sardinia on this yacht charter itinerary. The southern coast of Corsica is a mere 14 nautical miles from the northern coast of Sardinia. Visit the oh so very French island of Corsica and the oh so very Italian Island of Sardinia on a private yacht charter gives a taste of two great cultures in a manner only available on a crewed yacht charter of Corsica and Sardinia.

Bonifacio Walled City, France, Luxury Yacht Charter

Bonifacio “Old Town”

Day 1: Board in the protected harbor of Bonifacio in Corsica. For a thousand years, this ancient citadel town has defied gravity from her high perch on the edge of a chalk peninsular that guards the southernmost tip of the island. After boarding head out to the nearby Lavezzi Islands for a refreshing swim and to anchor for lunch.

Lavezzi islands near Bonifacio at sunrise Corsica France

Lavezzi Islands

This little archipelago only has one lighthouse and two cemeteries where the 750 crew of the “Semillanteare buried, a boat which sank in 1855. The island’s coves are a favorite with boat-lovers and its fine sandy beaches offer a taste of paradise. Enjoy the beautiful waters while you relax and unwind on board. Overnight in a quiet anchorage.

Cathedral in Ajaccio city on Corsica Island

Ajaccio Cathedral

Day 2: Enjoy relaxing in the Lavezzi Islands, and in the afternoon cruise to the Bay of Ajaccio, on the south western side of Corsica, anchored by the town of Ajaccio on the northern coast to overnight in Ajaccio Harbor. This town, first established by the city state of Genoa in the 1400s, is the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte.

A busy little town with the old citadel right next to the main harbor, the old city buildings, with an Italianate feel, ring the main quay. Visit ashore to explore the little streets and shops. In the old town is a museum in the original family home named Casa Buonaparte that can be visited either on arrival or in the morning before leaving. There is also a wonderful local market nearby for early risers before leaving in the am. At night this town comes alive with nightlife.

Sardinia, Porto Cervo, Luxury Yacht Charter

Porto Cervo

Day 3: In the morning, for a charter itinerary to include both Corsica and Sardinia, it is a a short cruise south to the northern shore of Sardinia. Arrive in Porto Cervo, the very chic village that anchors the Costa Smeralda.

The Aga Khan built this resort coastline that takes full advantage of the rocky cliffs, protected beaches, and stunning blue sea. Since then, the region has become one of the world’s most exclusive retreats.

In town, the Stella Maris Church boasts the ‘Sad Madonna’ painted by El Greco. This Church is a modern whitewashed design created by the Roman architect, Michel Busiri Vici, who also created the grotto-design shopping arcade in the town centre containing many exclusive boutiques. There are several very well-known restaurants for lunch ashore, or have lunch onboard after exploring the shops.

La Maddalena Island water colors

Waters in the Maddalena Islands

After lunch head out to the Maddalena Island area, located inside the Straits of Bonifacio along the northeastern coast of Sardinia. Budelli, Caprera, Razzoli, Santa Maria, Santo Stefano and Spargi surround La Maddalena Island. This group of small rocky islands has been inhabited since prehistoric times.

After lunch head over to Budelli, one of Italy’s most enchanting beaches, famous for its pink sand produced by the coral shattered by the raging sea. Today, it is a highly protected island. The best mooring places are the almost deserted little beach of Cala d’Arena (southeastern point) and the Spiaggia Rosa (Pink Beach). These islands are famous for their beautiful crystal clear warm calm waters in varying shades of blue and green. Overnight.

Spargi Island, La Maddalena Island Luxury Yacht Charter


Day 4: Enjoy the Maddalena Islands in the morning and in the afternoon head over the Costa Smeralda of Sardinia, then Cala di Volpe, where the chic hotel of the same name is located. Cala di Volpe is a deep shallow bay surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches. The Cala di Volpe Bar is a great location for a pre-dinner cocktail. And around this area are very beautiful restaurants, and lively clubs for nightlife, including Phi Beach, a great spot for sundowners on the beach amongst the rocks, and the famous Billionaire Club. While out, the yacht can cruise to Porto Rotundo to overnight.

Day 5: This is a great area, where all of the highlights are very close. After an evening out, it is a quick cruise back to the Maddalena Islands, again for fun in the sun. Visit the fishing village on the main island of Maddalena, and then find a lovely anchorage in which to relax and enjoy the waters, that many compare to the British Virgin Islands.

Clear sea and sandy beach La Cinta Sardinia Italy

Maddalena Islands

Just as popular in ancient times as now, wrecks of Roman ships can still be seen along the bottom and offer a great snorkeling adventure. These islands are loved not only by the yachtsmen, but also by dolphins, who can often be seen cavorting amongst the islands and coming up to play in the wake of your yacht with a smile and a twinkle in their eye.

The Maddalena Islands are a pristine playground that very few are aware of, offering miles of beaches, isolated anchorages, and beautiful clear waters. Overnight in quiet or head back for another evening of chic nightlife along the Costa Smeralda.

Alghero, Luxury yacht charter

Alghero Stairway to Grotto

Day 6: An early cruise will have you head down to Cala Yacca to anchor for lunch and a swim. Continue on through the Fornelli Passage, passing by the Island of Asinara, a penal settlement.

Arrive in the afternoon at the flourishing fishing port of Alghero. It consists of a picturesque and well-preserved old town enclosed in a stout girdle of walls, outside of which the new town sports a grid of parallel streets filled with hotels and restaurants.

The town is very Spanish in flavor having been invaded by Pedro IV of Aragon in 1354. The narrow cobbled streets of the old town are lined with flamboyant churches and wrought-iron balconies, boutiques and cafes, as well as the workshops of craftsmen working the famed coral of Alghero. Around the town the coast offers many secluded bays, small inlets bordered by pine forests and high, jagged cliffs washed by the emerald green sea. Inland luxuriant vineyards produce some of the most aromatic wines on the island. Overnight.

Bonifacio ancient city on limestone cliff, Corsica island, France

Bonifacio on top of the Cliffs

Day 7: In the morning enjoy the local coves for swimming. After lunch head back to Bonifacio and enter the small protected harbor by sea, enjoying the fabulous view of Old Bonifacio clinging to the top of the southern chalk cliffs of Corsica. The Bonifacio area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with settlements around the natural well protected harbor in the chalk cliffs right at the narrowest part of the channel between Corsica and Sardinia, called the Strait of Bonifacio. Today, remaining from the various civilizations that have lived in the area over a multitude of centuries, a walled medieval city sits perched on the top of the chalk cliffs, built to guard the harbor. The original walls date back to 824 when the Holy Roman Empire gave the area to the Margrave of Tuscany, Boniface II, to defend. The walled Old Town of Bonifacio remains on eroding chalk cliffs high above the active harbor of Bonifacio.

The harbor area is a busy little fishing village, with many cafes and tavernas along the quay. Be sure to walk up to the walled Old Town of Bonifacio to explore the many little winding streets and enjoy the view from the top of the chalk cliffs across to Sardinia.

Day 8: Disembark in the am in Bonifacio after a great yacht charter exploring the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.