Written by Missy Johnston

Portland Maine Headlands

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is an old seacoast town often described as funky and eclectic. We love it for all of the unique and memorable experiences it has to offer. From museums to restaurants and one-of-a kind boutiques, Portland is a beautiful city, and the downtown harbor is a great stop in Maine on a luxury yacht charter vacation.

We thoroughly enjoy helping our clients plan the perfect luxury yacht charter vacation, and New England is an area that never disappoints. Portland in particular boasts many things to see and do, so it’s sure to delight everyone on board.

Harbor in Portland, Maine

Harbor in Portland, Maine

Step off your private charter yacht right in Old Port—an old commercial industrial port that now features fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. The cobblestone streets and historic warehouse buildings in the downtown area are a nod back to older times, while today they house art galleries, shops, boutiques and restaurants and bars that provide hours of browsing, entertainment and wonderful cuisine. Absorb it all while exploring the port ringing the harbor on foot.

Art lovers can wander for hours among the many galleries, antique shops, and artist studios on Congress Street, just a few blocks from the waterfront. History enthusiasts have a multitude of museums to choose from. The Portland Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Children’s Museum of Maine are just some of the options available to museum lovers. We also suggest stopping at the First Parish Church to see an original cannonball from the Revolutionary War that has been repurposed as a chandelier. It’s a picture-worthy sight to see.

Portland Head Lighthouse

Portland Head Lighthouse

Don’t forget to check out one of the most breathtaking lighthouses in New England during your visit. Portland Head Light is the oldest lighthouse in Maine. Afterwards, go for a hike or enjoy a picnic in the 90-acre Fort Williams Park. The land also features gardens and a beach, so there’s sure to be something for everyone on board to enjoy.

Whether you seek shopping, art, or history, don’t miss out on what could be one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever tasted. Portland is a prime city to indulge in Maine lobster. Enjoy it at one of the many restaurants, or have your private chef prepare it especially to your liking on board your charter yacht, perhaps steamed the very best way this shellfish can be prepared-in clean fresh sea water. Steamed, baked, stuffed, or in a mouth-watering lobster roll—there’s no wrong way to treat your taste buds when it comes to this New England delicacy.

Maine Landscape

Maine Lobster Pot Buoys

Start planning your luxury yacht charter vacation along the coast of Maine and the rest of New England. We’re here to help you customize the perfect trip and to make sure it’s filled with ports and anchorages that will create an unforgettable charter yacht experience. Contact us today.