Written by Missy Johnston



Because of its location near Bora Bora and Tahiti, the island of Moorea in French Polynesia is a portrait of breathtaking, awe-inspiring beauty. The stunning turquoise waters, the backdrop of rugged mountain ranges, and the abundance of palm trees, waterfalls, and sparkling white sand offer a stunning Moorea yacht charter port of call on yacht charter in the Society Islands.

During your French Polynesia yacht charter including Moorea, there are ample opportunities to soak in the sun, tour pineapple plantations, explore rainforests, and even play a round of golf on a course designed by Jack Nicklaus. Restaurants and shops speckle the island, though there are no distinct cities or towns.

Woman Sewing a Tifaifai Quilt

Moorea is known for its authentic tifaifai quilts, which Polynesian women craft by hand using traditional motifs inspired by their spiritual beliefs, the island, and its wildlife. Similar quilts may resemble tifaifai, but they are often not hand-sewn and do not channel the spiritual stories written into the authentic quilts, so be careful if purchasing.

The scenery and the island activities aren’t the only memorable aspects of Moorea and its surrounding area. French Polynesians enjoy a rich and unique culture that persists even today, despite originating over 1700 years ago, somewhere around the year 300 AD, when settlers first came to the region

One cultural symbol still revered by the locals is the presence of ancient stone marae, which served as temples for the Polynesian people to communicate with their gods and make major religious or political decisions.

Moorea French polynesia

Moorea, French Polynesia

Moorea’s largest assortment of over 100 marae is in the Opunohu Valley. Additionally, there are hundreds of other structures that still exist within the jungle-like forest of Tahitian chestnut trees. A guided tour is the preferred way to experience the marae. A local tour guide will explain the history of sacrifices and other traditions practiced in the past.

Yacht Charter visitors to Moorea will hear the locals mentioning the term mana. It is a term that is connected to the idea of the spiritual essences or unseen forces all around on the island. For any Society Islands yacht charter cruise that starts in Tahiti, Moorea is a perfect island to include.