Written by Missy Johnston

San Tropez Harbor France

San Tropez Harbor

Saint Tropez, France is a vibrant and energetic town that attracts very wealthy visitors. artists, actors, and American and European jetsetters that flock here regularly to vacation. St. Tropez is a crown of wealth and class located on the French Riviera.

Here is must-do fun when visiting San Tropez on a private yacht charter itinerary of the French Riviera.

Soak up some sun

St. Tropez is famous for its expanse of private beaches which on your private yacht can be accessed by sea, to relax and enjoy the sun and sand. Any one of the best beaches in St. Tropez can be visted while on board your private charter yacht.

Enjoy the Hot Spots

Pampelonne Beach St Tropez France

Pampelonne Beach

Saint Tropez has exclusive nightclubs, high-end bars and cafes, and a reputation for catering to the very wealthy. Enjoy lunch at Club 55 on Pampelonne Beach arriving at the Club’s dock by ship’s tender from your charter yacht anchored just off the beach.

Sample local French cuisine and wines

San Tropez Rooftops

Either anchor nearby or have a dockage at Vieux Port and walk directly into the heart of town, where you can have lunch at any of the stylish cafes in the area or stop by a bar for cocktails. Visit at least one of the renowned French Riviera wineries during your stay. Sample exclusive vintages as you learn some tricks of the trade from the seasoned winemakers who turn local grapes into world-famous wines. Stroll through the Halle aux Poisons (fish market) and the Place aux Herbes (green market) to see some of the local catch and produce.

Plan at least a couple of days in San Tropez on a yacht charter itinerary along the French Riviera to see the myriad of exotic things this tiny town has to offer.