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Serifos, Greece, Windmills

Serifos, Greece, Windmills

When sailing to Serifos during a Greece private yacht charter, the first thing in view is the gleaming white cubed buildings of the main port shining in the sunlight. Set against a backdrop of rolling hillsides and stunning beaches, the town is the perfect accent that highlights the spectacular beauty of Serifos.

As beautiful as it is, there’s far more to do on Serifos than simply sit around and soak up the scenery. Here are some of the best places to enjoy when visiting Serifos during a Cycladic Islands luxury yacht cruise.

The Throne of Cyclops at Cape Kyklopas

A giant stone armchair sits high atop rolling hills overlooking the entire southwest portion of the island. It’s easy to see why locals believe this must have been where the famed Cyclops sat to relax and oversee his territory. Enormous boulders at the base of the throne add to its intrigue and mystery. The throne and surrounding boulders are best viewed up close to feel the magnitude of size, which also provides an exhilarating hike.

The Monastery of the Taxiarches

Stairs and paved alley. Interior of the Monastery of Taxiarches in Serifos. Cyclades, Greece

Stairs and paved alley in the interior of the Monastery of Taxiarches

With its high walls and interesting architectural choices, the Monastery of the Taxiarches looks more like a medieval castle than a 16th century monastery. Once inside, however, the building’s monastic origins become clear.

It was dedicated to the archangels Michael and Gabriel, whom the locals consider to be the protective angels watching over the island. These protective spirits—combined with the ongoing challenges of pirate raids—led to the fortress-like design.

The Town of Hora

Ano Hora (sometimes just referred to as Hora) is a stunning gem when viewed from above after a refreshing walk along the old stone mining trail in the hills next to the city. Sunrise and sunset are particularly wonderful times for spectacular views of the white buildings in the changing light.

The interior of the city is worth exploring on foot, as well. Featuring the church of Agios Athanasios, a lovely Town Hall, and an enchanting maze of white courtyards and alleys, Hora offers plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Greek islands, beaches of Serifos , Cyclades

Greek Islands Beach, Serifos

Grias Castle and The Mining and Archaeological Museums

In the 6th century BC, Serifos was a thriving colony that lived under democratic rule. It owed its economic prosperity to the rich mining activity on the island, which began nearly as long ago as history has been recorded. The Cretans were the first known inhabitants to mine on Serifos, but archaeological discoveries in Koutalas Cave point to prehistoric settlements in the area long before recorded history.

Several monuments and remnants of the island’s history still exist and are worth checking out. The Grias Castle tops the list, but history buffs will also enjoy the local museums dedicated to telling the history of Serifos, all to be enjoyed on a yacht charter when cruising through the Cycladic Islands.