Written by Missy Johnston

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Chartering a yacht in Alaska allows you to sit under the face of a calving glacier while huge ice chunks break off with a thunderous roar to drop into the waters below. Fish for “barn door” sized halibut and cast for salmon running upstream in pristine mountain streams. Sea kayak around harbor seals sunning on large ice floes. Sit in the middle of whales performing the age old “dance” of group bubble-net feeding. Enjoy isolated anchorages ringed with Bald Eagles perched in nearby trees. All of this and so much more is waiting for you on a crewed yacht charter in Alaska. Here at CharterWorld with Missy Johnston, we know this very well, including knowing the yachts and crews for a great Alaskan Adventure Charter.

Chartering a yacht in Alaska puts you front and center up close and personal to all that nature has to offer in majestic Alaska, for an experience of a lifetime. No where else in the world can the natural life of Alaska and the natural wonders of Alaska be found, and being on a private yacht charter rather than on a cruise ship has all of the advantages of being close to shore, close to the calving glaciers for a hands on experience.