Written by Missy Johnston

Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands

Bright turquoise water, wild Australian terrain, and endless white sand beaches await you on your private yacht cruise around the Whitsunday Islands. Move from island to island on your own schedule, and then drop anchor in any number of secluded coves or alongside vast, empty beaches. Everywhere you sail becomes your own private beach for the day.

Visit Hill Inlet and Whitehaven Beach for awe-inspiring scenery and a beach all to yourself

white sand in the Whitsunday

Whitehaven Beach

You’ll be amazed by the picture-perfect settings in these spectacular, secluded beaches and coves. Sunbathe on the sand, pour a cocktail, and relax surrounded by pristine white sand beaches and untamed forests and rocky waterfalls.

Jump in the ship’s tender that is always included with a private charter yacht to explore the dazzling blue waters and hidden inlets. Or, just enjoy the view aboard your yacht as you move throughout the islands.

Hone your sense of adventure

Hayman Island Whitsunday Islands Australia yacht charter

Hayman Island, Whitsunday Islands

There are many adventurous land options available when cruising in the Whitsunday Islands. The area has hidden beach caves, waterfalls, mountaintop hideaways, and even secret backyard concerts, if you have the right connections with the locals.

Drop anchor a safe distance from the Great Barrier Reef and snorkel or take the ship’s tender into the central areas of the reef to surround yourself with the most impressive show of nature that most people could ever hope to see in their lifetimes. The location is one of the great wonders of the world for a reason.

Spend some time in the Reef Suites of Reef World

Heart Reef Australia

Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef

If snorkeling isn’t your thing, you can still enjoy the thousands of species of aquatic animals in one of the richest and most biodiverse locations for marine life in the world. It might seem like you’ll be “roughing it” to rent a hotel room as opposed to sleeping aboard your yacht, but the floor-to-ceiling underwater view you’ll experience in the Reef Suites is unlike anything you could replicate above water. Even if you sleep aboard your yacht for the night, it’s worthwhile to rent the room for a few hours just to watch the sea life.

Keep an eye out for sharks, turtles, rays, fish, and even the occasional whale swimming just a few feet away on the other side of the aquarium-grade glass walls of the room.

Adventure, relaxation, or both await you on your private, luxury yacht charter cruise around the Whitsunday Islands!