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Early morning view of Little Stirrup Cay beach (The Bahamas). ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Bahamas Fun

Yacht charter is terrific family time, whether its all about fun in the sun, swimming and splashing in Caribbean waters, learning about nature “hands on” in Alaska or the Galapagos, or understanding ancient history by touring through ruins in Greece, Turkey and Croatia, a crewed yacht charter is a great family experience. Cruise on board a crewed motor yacht or sailing yacht with your own Captain, and Chef, and take your hotel rooms and restaurant with you from anchorage to anchorage, with each day revealing a new experience, along with a constantly changing view. There is a great charter location, itinerary and crewed charter yacht waiting, for your special family yacht charter cruise.

Caribbean and The Bahamas


Snorkeling in the Caribbean

Offering miles of crystal clear waters in varying shades of blue and green, both the Caribbean and The Bahamas are terrific yacht charter locations for hours of family fun in the sun. Whether swimming, using the yacht on board water toys, snorkeling, water skiing, paddling in sea kayaks or on top of paddle boards, fun in the sun family time and more are waiting on a crewed yacht charter in the Caribbean and The Bahamas. In both locations there are miles of pristine beaches for a beach picnic, or a water fun base on the beach for sunning, splashing, or perhaps just floating, in the shallow waters lapping the beach. Maybe enjoy a family volley ball game on the beach or a game of Marco Polo in the shallow waters. Crews have been known to organize a surprise age appropriate treasure hunt through the sands. After a fun filled day, relax at night on deck in the balmy trade winds for a family dinner under the stars.

Alaska and the Galapagos

Alaska SS Whales Bubble Feeding

Alaska Whales Bubble Feeding

Does your family love the outdoors, and nature, and experiencing the best that nature has to offer? A crewed yacht charter in Alaska or the Galapagos will put you right up front and center in the middle of the most spectacular natural life in the world. In Alaska, sea kayak about centuries old ice flows chipping ice off for on board drinks, sit under a calving tidewater glacier listening for the resounding crack before tons of ice fall into the sea below, hike through virgin forests, untouched by man, and watch the age old dance of whales bubble net feeding. This is also a great location for family fishing fun, both fishing for salmon and barn door halibut in the sea, and fly fishing for trout in mountain streams. Or for bird watching as numerous Bald Eagles soar in the surrounding sky; and for watching bears, moose, mountain goats and other Alaskan wildlife on shore; perhaps even seeing bears fish the mountain springs for dinner.

The Galapagos is all about nature in a much warmer climate, including that natural and marine life that thrives in warmer temperatures. Here you can swim with penguins, hike ashore walking right over great lumbering sea lions slumbering in the sun, and learn about centuries old volcanic land formations. The Galapagos are an outstanding bird watching location, including pink flamingos in their natural habitat. And of course, the Galapagos are the location for seeing the giant tortoise, for which the Galapagos is famous.

Greece, Turkey and Croatia

Sunrise in Santorini

Santorini, Greece

All three charter locations are all about Ancient History, as all three coastlines and islands have been home for centuries to various civilizations, all of whom have left their mark on land and on the bottom of the sea; still to be seen on a crewed yacht charter. This is a really fun way for a family to learn all about Ancient History. Snorkel over the remains of ancient harbors, where building foundations and ancient quays can be seen just under the crystal clear waters. Cruise up the Dalyan River in Turkey to see the ancient Lycian Temple Front Cliffside Tombs. Wander through the remains of Diocletian’s Palace in the center of Split, Croatia. Learn about the ancient site in Santorini, Akrotiri, which some believe to be ancient Minoan, and others believe to be the lost city of Atlantis. And of course, visit the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, one of the most famous landmarks still in existence as a mark from the Ancient World.

Dalyan River Beach

Cruising up the Dalyan River

Crewed yacht charter is available in all of the major worldwide cruising areas. And, a crewed yacht charter can be customized for any family interest, for a unique and wonderful family vacation.

Split Diocletians palace

Diocletians Palace- Split, Croatia