Written by Missy Johnston

Anegada Beautiful White Sandy Beaches

Anegada Beautiful White Sandy Beaches

Far to the east in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) archipelago lies Anegada Island. The highest point on this sandy cay is a mere 28 feet above sea level. In fact, the island’s name comes from the low, flat landscape—“tierra anegada,” which means “flooded terrain.” While it’s the second largest in size of all the British Virgin Islands, it is home to roughly 280 inhabitants (the smallest population of all of the populated islands in this chain). The coral reefs surrounding Anegada call for a skilled captain and a shallow draft yacht such as a sailing or power catamaran, but the beauty (and lobster) that await make this an unforgettable island to visit on a private yacht charter.


Bonefish Swimming

Many come to Anegada for the white sand beaches and amazing snorkeling and scuba diving along the 18-mile-long Horseshoe Reef. Others come to see the salt ponds on the western end of the island, home to unique fauna and rare animals such as the Anegada rock iguana and Caribbean flamingo. The reefs on the side of the island facing Virgin Gorda are perfect for taking out the water toys on your private charter yacht or for bone fishing—two more reasons to visit.

Barbequed Lobster. Caribbean

Barbequed Lobster

But, if you ask us, the star attraction here is the oil-drum-barbecued Caribbean lobsters. This is a dining experience not to be missed. After the lobster is cut in half, it is grilled on a barbecue made out of huge oil drums turned on their sides. The lobster is basted in butter and other secret ingredients and served with baked potatoes cooked in the barbecue coals. The oil drum barbecue is a result of pure ingenuity and creativity on the part of the Anegada natives, who made use of what was available. Now, you can enjoy it at a number of restaurants on the island. Just be sure to have your captain make a reservation by mid-day, so you can reserve the right number of lobsters for your dining party. This can only be described as decadent and delicious!

Anegada BVI Caribbean

Anegada Views

Anegada is just one amazing stop during a private yacht charter through the refreshing 15 miles making up the British Virgin Islands from end to end. Contact us today, and we can help you plan a personalized itinerary to make sure you enjoy your succulent barbecued lobster and everything else there is to see and do on a BVI crewed yacht charter.