Enjoy Yacht Charter Water Fun!

Yachts float on water, and water offers fun, fun, fun. Whether floating on warm waters enjoying swimming, snorkeling, and water sports or floating on cooler waters enjoying a myriad of activities, water fun is always part of the equation on a crewed yacht charter.

  • Split of above and underwater photo of a cute boy swimming

Fun-n-Sun Yacht Charters for warm water fun runs the gamut from swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, paddle boarding, sea kayaking, sliding down a waterslide from the top deck, jet skiing, water skiing, being towed in a variety of water toys, even possibly swimming with manta rays, penguins, dolphins and sharks, depending on where you charter and what you want to do. Active cool water fun can include watching whales bubble net feeding, black bears, birds, harbor seals and sea lions, setting crab and shrimp pots, fishing, clamming, and seeing tidewater glaciers calving into the seas below. Yachts and water fun go hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other.

“Wow! Warm water, and warm sun. We had a terrific time. As mentioned before, we like to go and go and there was so much to do. The crew were great, helping us all to learn how to snorkel; even our youngest was snorkeling! And we loved the paddle board races. I know a charter yacht floats on water, but never comprehended the amount of fun we could have in the water, especially with the water toys on board. Many thanks for a great time, both on the water and in the water.” Mrs. S