Written by Missy Johnston


Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, is a popular vacation destination. Located on New Providence Island, one of 700 islands in the whole chain of the Bahamas, this shining and fast-paced city adds a unique and high-class feel to an already gorgeous destination. If you are taking a private luxury yacht cruise that starts and or ends in Nassau, you can’t go wrong  exploring the following beaches and attractions

Immerse yourself in rich history.

Government House Square, Nassau

Enjoying Nassau, Bahamas when on a luxury yacht vacation in the Bahamas will be even more memorable  if you dive into the museums, architecture, and fascinating pirate lore that made this island so famous. The attractions are plentiful. 

You can choose from art galleries, heritage museums, pirate hideouts, old colonial architecture, and walking tours of Old Town, depending on your preferences. Ask the locals about Blackbeard and the days of the Republic of Pirates for a true sample of Nassau’s thrilling nautical stories, as Nassau was the center of Piracy for centuries.

Plan a day of excitement.

Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas

Swimming Pigs of the Bahamas

Between the casinos, the speedboats, and the seaplanes hopping from island to island, the atmosphere around Nassau can feel like a setting from a movie. That’s exactly what it is! Two James Bond movies were filmed nearby, and the area has embraced this fact as part of its culture. This James Bond atmosphere makes a private yacht cruise that begins and or ends in Nassau feel more like a true luxury vacation. 

If the bustling nightlife and splashy casinos of Nassau leave you wanting more of the James Bond connection, spend your charter cruising the Exuma Islands, and be sure to visit  Thunderball Grotto, the cave used during the filming of Thunderball. And the movie Never Say Never Again was also filmed here, cementing the Bond connection. If you’re a fan, try to visit during the annual Casino Royale celebration of James Bond, a weekend celebration at Staniel Cay Yacht Club near Thunderball Grotto.

Also nearby Staniel Cay, in the middle of the Exuma Island chain between Nassau and Great Exuma are Big Major Cay, where the swimming piggies live, and nearby is Allen’s Cay, where the famous rare black iguanas live. This area is also loaded with other wildlife including sharks, sea turtles, and beautiful tropical fish that live around the sea caves, coral gardens, and shipwrecks that are just beneath the surface of the beautiful blue green waters.  

In the mood for a sparkling white sand beach?

Cabbage Beach Nassau Bahamas

Cabbage Beach, Nassau

Don’t fall into thinking that this area is only about speed and excitement. Drop anchor along almost any beach on a nearby island, away from the hustle and bustle of New Providence, and relax in the sun in peace and quiet. There are many different yacht charter itineraries through the Out Islands on a charter that begins in Nassau, if you want privacy and an untouched, uninhabited island feel, after enjoying all that Nassau has to offer.