Written by Missy Johnston


Mykonos is one of the most well know of the Greek Islands, and has now become a vacation spot for the rich and famous. The main harbor is very attractive ringed by cafes, and home to Petro the Pelican, however is too small for the growing yachting activity. Several marinas have now been built on the side of the harbor for visiting yachts. This marina is not right in town, so expect to walk, take a taxi, and the yacht’s tender to visit the main harbor.

Mykonos may or may not be your cup of tea, however everyone should visit at least once to see if they will be a repeat visitor or not.

Mykonos seaside at sunset
Mykonos Seaside at Sundown

Mykonos is the playground of Greece with the postcard view: white little houses with flowers and blue trimmed windows and doors, hand painted streets, windmills, pigeon keepers, chimneys, lots of little churches and wonderful restaurants and cafes. According to mythology, Mykonos was where Heracles killed the giants and the rocks around the island are supposedly their corpses!

Windmills of Mykonos
Windmills of Mykonos

Many of the Greek “jetsetters” either have a house here or visit every summer, and the nightlife is very developed and frequented by a lot of eccentrics along with the rich and famous. In fact night life may continue until the wee hours of the morning, and in some instances until the new sun rises. This island does not provide much for those on a budget, so be prepared to open your wallet.

Night Life in Mykonos
Nightlife in Mykonos

The town Chora is a place you should really explore. Walk around, go to the windmills, feed the mascot pelican Petros, have a drink in the little harbor and visit the Parapotiani church. And of course, go shopping. There are five museums in Chora: an archaeological, a laographic, a maritime, a cultural and a private one with old rooms and furniture. Folklore shops are everywhere, and a great souvenir is a copy of the ancient Cycladic art; little white figures in various positions (playing the flute, praying, thinking, families etc.) which are more than 6000 years old.

Mykonos Petros the Pelican
Petros the Pelican

For those interested in architecture, the built town of Chora is one of the best examples of the unique white box style with blue painted trim of the Cycladic Islands. Within the town are a maze of little streets and walking paths that wind throughout, providing endless opportunities to explore, as you never know where you will end. On the way, you might pass a store of couture, next to a store selling the Mykonos espadrilles, next to an artist’s gallery, next to a restaurant; all is intermixed in a busy city center.

Mykonos, little walking strees
Streets of Mykonos

In the next harbor over is a unique area of Mykonos called “Little Venice” for the houses and balconies are all built hanging over the water.

Delos, a small island which used to be the holiest island in ancient Greece is easily accessed from Mykonos. No one is allowed to spend the night on this sacred island, but a daytrip is definitely a must: the island is cluttered with archaeological remains. Once felt to be the birthplace of Apollo, Delos has been an important sacred island and an important island of commerce in a history that stretches back 5000 years. Your private crewed charter yacht can anchor right off of the island of Delos and take you ashore with the ships tender. Or there are frequent day ferries from the town of Chora to Delos. While the ruins are all marked, you may want to hire a guide for a more thorough tour, as the ruins on this sacred island are certainly some of the most famous. There is also a museum on the island housing various smaller artifacts found, many from everyday life. The museum also houses some of the more delicate statues and art found, including wall murals from various homes.

Delos Anchorage
Delos Anchorage

You can also go to another neighboring island, Tenos, which is the holiest island of modern Greece. The church of the Virgin Mary is a goal for thousands of orthodox pilgrims every year. It is also a very beautiful place worth visiting.

Lion Statues At The Archaeological Island Of Delos
Delos Lion Statuary