Written by Missy Johnston

Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

Puerto de Andratx, Mallorca, Spain

During a Balearic Islands yacht charter, visitors will have the opportunity to experience Puerto de Andratx, a port on the coast of Mallorca. Those who choose to disembark and explore will be richly rewarded with a number of interesting cultural and historical attractions surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The following suggestions should make a luxury yacht charter to Puerto de Andratx, Spain a wonderful and memorable experience.

Enchanting Coves

Cala Llamp, Cala d’Egos, and Cala Moragues are just a few examples of the sparkling, sunlit coves that speckle the outside edges of Mallorca around the main port. Charterers can either stay on board to enjoy the views in luxury or hop into the water and enjoy a swim or snorkeling.

Harbor and Fish Market

Puerto de Andratx was once a shelter for ancient fishermen, and it still retains fishing and sailing as integral parts of its modern identity.

The harbor and fish market are the central hubs of fishing activity. Passersby are able to watch the boats roll into the harbor and unload their catches before they enjoy lunch at one of the many cafes and seafood restaurants that overlook the water, possibly on the very fresh seafood that was just caught.

Alternatively, there’s nothing quite like purchasing fish that was caught less than a few hours ago, taking it back to the yacht, and allowing your personal chef to transform it into a delicious meal.

Boats in Port d'Andratx dock in Mallorca

Boats in Port d’Andratx dock in Mallorca, Spain

Sailing Club

Because of its history as a fishing haven and sailing hotspot, the modern-day port now hosts sailing and yachting clubs and schools that teach young boaters how to sail. On any given day there could be little regattas, filled with local color, happening out in the harbor that can be fun to watch.

Open Air Nights

Every summer, Puerto de Andratx hosts numerous concerts and festivals. From rock and jazz music to classical and flamenco, the port’s “Nits a la Fresca” has something that will appeal to everyone.

Churches and Watchtowers

La Mola’s watchtowers, and the tower located on Rodriguez Acosta street, are great places to visit for those interested in history and architecture. Similarly, the church of Nuestra Senora del Carmen is a beautiful, peaceful place to explore.

Lighthouse in the port of Port de Andratx, Spain.

Lighthouse in the port of Port de Andratx, Spain.

Markets and Galleries

The city’s Town Hall, which is located in a 15th-century Arabian farmhouse, offers another opportunity to see how historical sites are still in use today in Puerto de Andratx. Wednesdays feature the weekly market. Around this area, visitors can find numerous galleries set up by artists who are drawn to the location for its beauty, culture, and endless charm.

Be sure to spend time exploring this lovely harbor and village on a crewed private yacht charter in the Balearic Islands of Spain.