The Beauty of Croatia, Oysters and Wines 

May 2019 E-News

Dubrovnik. Croatia

The producers of the HBO production Game of Thrones saw it immediately . . . the beauty of Croatia  and the appeal of its unique and romantic landscape. They chose this country as the filming location for much of the TV series.

What the producers saw was a place where crystal clear, blue-green waters lap up against stone fortress walls and the shores of green forests. In some areas, the hillsides are so steep, the vineyard workers are lowered on ropes where grapes have been grown for more than 2000 years in soil that produces award-winning wines. In the waters, where minerals from underwater springs merge with the salty ocean brine are grown award-winning, tasty oysters in shell farms, along with plump mussels.

From Ancient Times to today, Croatia has always been known as a land of plenty. It is the country where the Romans once came to vacation; Emperor Diocletian built his retirement palace in what later became Split.

Croatia is a land and sea where millenniums of civilizations have come and gone. Today, the beauty, wines, and bountiful marine and agrarian harvests are just as plentiful as they were when the Romans once sailed these same seas and roamed these same islands. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself beauty and history. Not to mention where the Game of Thrones took place!

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Dubrovnik walls and ramparts, croatia

Featured Itinerary:
Follow the Filming Locations of the Game of Thrones

See the filming locations chosen for many GOT scenes while enjoying all that Croatia has to offer.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Featured Destination:
See the “real” Game of Thrones King’s Landing

Stroll through the streets of Old Town Dubrovnik, or as known by GOT Fans, the capital of the “Seven Kingdoms”.

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Much of Old Town Dubrovnik was used as the filming location for “King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones HBO TV series. One look and you will know why. Visit Old Town Dubrovnik on your private crewed yacht charter, and after a 1.5 hour tour of Old Town Dubrovnik with a private Museum Quality Guide, which is a “must do”, we can provide a 1.5 – 2 hour tour for those GOT Fans that might want to see the various filming locations used in Old Town for different scenes in all of the seasons of this series including scenes everywhere within, and around Kings Landing, including up in the ramparts of the Old Town fortress walls. Included in the tour are fortress areas and towers right outside Old Town Dubrovnik where scenes were also shot. Learn which scenes were shot where, which season, which episode, and which characters were filmed, and for exactly what nefarious plots the were being filmed at the time hatching. There are tours also available in other locations in Croatia where GOT scenes were filmed.

Have a real live experience of the “Gilded Age” in Newport, where industrial Barons and the wealthy built extravagant “Summer Cottages” which were, in fact, huge mansions, generally filled with gilded surfaces, and covered with all that could be brought back from tours of the European Continent in a special event or tour booked just for you now available with The Preservation Society of Newport County. When in Newport on a private yacht charter, you too can feel, for an afternoon or an evening, as if you were a part of that turn of the century Gilded Age whirling lifestyle of the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s. Where women changed their clothes 10 times a day, balls went on all night into the early morning, ball favors for attendees might be solid gold charger plates, and where ball attendees might dine while gazing out on an all white ghostly sailing fleet anchored off the mansion lawn. And while, perhaps not all can ever be re-created again, enjoy a descriptive evening with your own private narrator who will re-recreate the fun and fantasy as if you were there while dining privately with a small group on a multi-course dinner of a Gilded Age menu (once served in Newport) at one of the mansions. These are private custom tours and events for a special experience of the life and times of the very wealthy in Newport, Rhode Island during the Gilded Age.

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