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August 2021 E-News

Glacier Bay Margerie Glacier

The far corners of the earth are waiting to be explored on private yacht charter.  Locations like Antarctica, Alaska and the Galapagos are all private yacht charter destinations where discovery, adventure, and extraordinary natural wonders are around every corner.  That which is not around every corner in these charter destinations are masses of humanity.  In all three locations it may be just you in any given anchorage.

Antarctica is a winter location, which for that hemisphere is summer, when the sun shines 24 hours a day glistening off ice shelves, and reflecting beautiful shades of blue and green in glacier caves, and in the shadows of ice floes.  See penguin colonies rarely visited by man.  Perhaps visit a research station for a glimpse of the valuable ongoing research occurring in Antarctica; said to be where the answers will be found to global warming-in one of the coldest places on earth.  Watch playful sea lions frolicking, have a glacier picnic with penguins, camp on a drifting ice floe, enjoy sea kayaking and in general enjoy the remote beauty of the far reaches of the globe.

Alaska is one of the few places where humpback whales bubble net feed, an age old dance where a pod of whales working together coral a large school of small fish.  By diving down, creating a huge bubble of air, the whales propel the fish high in the sky before they surface with their mouths gaping open to catch dinner as the fish fall back into their gullets.  Meanwhile bald eagles might be circling, and at the head of Tracy Arm, the faces of the Twin Sawyer Glaciers are regularly calving with a loud crack into the seas below, upsetting the harbor seals sunning on the ice floes formed from previously calved ice. Fish, set crab and shrimp pots, or watch bears fish the streams for dinner.  Learn about Tlingit Indian Totem Poles in Sitka and Ketchikan and perhaps buy as a souvenir a fanciful animal carved from soapstone by a local craftsman.

It is easy to see why in the Galapagos, Darwin developed his theory of Evolution, as your private yacht Naturalist shows you, once there, differences in the same species on two different islands. Because in the Galapagos, two islands, very close to each other can be so different, with one island lush while the other island is arid, the same species landing on each island side by side evolved differently in order to survive their particular habitat. Here nature reigns supreme and wild, marine and birdlife have no fear of man.  Sit next to sea lions giving birth and nursing their young.  In the right season, see a blue booby bird hatchling pop out of its shell.  Play hide and go seek with curious juvenile sea lions in the water and swim with penguins.  Watch the red throat of the male frigate bird expand in a mating call, and look for sea turtle tracks in the sand.

Antarctica is a winter location, and can generally be booked at any time.  Alaska is a summer location and usually starts to book one year in advance, so consider booking now for summer 2022.  The Galapagos are a charter location all year around; however for availability, it is wise to start to book one year in advance, as only a certain number of yachts are licensed to charter in the Galapagos in order to not upset that sensitive natural environment.

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Traditional Native Totem Pole

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Sitka to Juneau

Alaska: Cruise from Sitka with Tlingit Indian Totem Poles to Juneau surrounded by the Mendenhall Glacier

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Swimming penguin in the Galapagos

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Aquatic Playmates: Swim with penguins and sea lions in the Galapagos. Enjoy a friendly game of Hide and Seek

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Luxury Yachts In Town Of Vis Waterfront

 New Year’s in the Caribbean!

New Years is alive and well in the Caribbean and there are still yachts available for booking!

Let your private charter crew create your own onboard New Year’s Celebration in a wonderful warm, beautiful anchorage on board your luxury charter yacht.

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