New England is for Fresh Seafood Lovers

February 2020 E-News

Shellfish plate of crustacean seafood as fresh lobster steamed clams mussels shrimp and crab as an ocean gourmet dinner background.

A highlight of New England on a summer yacht charter is the glory of fresh New England seafood including Maine Lobsters, fresh Oysters, Top Necks, Little Necks, Cherrystones, Quahogs, and Steamer Clams all dug daily, big fat Scallops from George’s Bank, Black Mussels, Swordfish, Haddock, Yellowfin Tuna, Cod, Black Sea Bass, and Striped Bass.  With your own on board private Chef, all can be plucked from the water for fresh culinary delights.  Enjoy raw oysters so fresh they are still brimming with sea water, and big Maine Lobsters steamed in clean sea water which creates the sweetest lobster meat, to be dipped in hot melted butter and drizzled with lemon.  The freshest scallops pan seared in butter have an outstanding fresh flavor unlike any restaurant dish, and for the lucky, harpooned, rather than line caught swordfish is a true delicacy, only available towards the end of a New England summer from certain fishermen.

Of course, for non-seafood lovers, enjoy anything on board your heart desires accompanied by fresh harvested summer fruits and vegetables, including vine ripened tomatoes, sun warmed blueberries, and tree ripened peaches.  Many fresh and aged artisan cheeses are made in New England, while also available is local honey harvested from hives, homemade jams and fresh churned butters; all to be enjoyed on board while visiting quaint little villages in the harbors and islands of New England.  As always, yacht charter is the only way to enjoy private anchorages, and cruising from harbor to harbor on your schedule, with the extra bonus of the freshest summer bounty of sea and land served on board created by your private Chef.

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Southern New England

Enjoy the harbors and islands of colonial southern New England.

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Beautiful Nantucket

A quaint colonial island locked in time and filled with rambling roses

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Newport - The Breakers

Other summer yacht charter locations include Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, the South Pacific Seas, Asia, and the Komodo Islands in Indonesia where there are excellent crewed yacht charter choices still available for an outstanding summer cruising vacation. We are worldwide yacht charter experts, and have 35 years of arranging charter, not only in New England, our backyard, but in every worldwide cruising location where crewed private charter yachts might be available.

The ”Gilded Age” is alive and well in Newport, now with customized private tours available through various “Gilded Age” Mansions on Bellevue Avenue and beyond, as arranged by CharterWorld with Missy Johnston.

Lower USD to EUR Exchange Rates may be Available for your EUR Priced Charter Booked with Us: With the growing number of charters being priced in Euros, we have contracted with Money Corp U.S. a large foreign exchange company for our clients to be offered a reduced corporate exchange rate by Money Corp U.S. for EUR payments for any charter booked with us priced in EUR. By our contracting with Money Corp., any of our clients interested will receive the reduced corporate bulk exchange rate, which is usually lower than that which a private individual might be offered for a one time exchange from their bank.

Not sure if the Money Corp corporate rate for which we have contracted is lower than a rate you might be provided elsewhere? Money Corp is happy to provide an exchange rate for an EUR payment you might need to make which you can take to your bank or financial institution to see if the rate offered by your bank is lower than the rate offered by Money Corp. We are not a bank or financial institution. This is a pass through service only, in which we do not participate or have a financial interest. Our interest is in helping you find the best exchange.

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