Secret Aeolian Islands of Italy

April 2019 E-News

Marina Corta Harbour

Tucked down in a southern corner of the Tyhrrean Sea, near the top of the “Boot” and Sicily; the Aeolian Islands have awed sailors and yachtsmen for millenniums.  These are islands that were more well known in Ancient Times than today, when the constantly erupting Stromboli Island Volcano was used by Ancient Mariners as a navigational aid.

The seven Aeolian Islands, now, as an archipelago, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, (which means that nothing can be changed and anything built must be the same as the traditional architecture on the islands), slumber on. These secret jewels, with beautiful clear water in shades of blue and green, grottos and caves worn into each island’s coasts, and with traditional fishing villages snuggled into the harbors, are waiting to be discovered.

Panarea Island is the secret island of all secret islands, a chic escape where only those in the know escape civilization for relaxing long sun filled days.  With no street lights or even streets, being out on Panarea is being on your own two feet with your own lantern to light the way.

Really only able to be seen, explored, and enjoyed by private yacht, these islands are there, as they always have been to explore on your next yacht charter.

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Aeolian Islands Italy

Featured Itinerary:
Sicily and the Aeolian Islands

Fly into Sicily and embark on a discovery of the Aeolian Islands.

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Stromboli volcano erupting

Featured Destination:
The Erupting Stromboli Volcano

An aid to navigation in Ancient Times and an extraordinary wonder today.

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Mega Yacht Bows St. Martin

CharterWorld with Missy Johnston will be at the Spring Western Mediterranean Industry Only Charter Show

We will also be at the Greek Islands Industry Only Charter Show this next week and the week after. Over all, we will see close to 200 yachts available for private crewed yacht charter, meet the crews, catch up with our ship’s agents and the Owner’s Agents, and attend informational seminars on new VAT or other regulations. This is when we gather the information we need to make the best recommendations of which yachts to charter with the best crews and keep up to date on any changing rules and regulations. Stay tuned for more updates!

Lower USD to EUR Exchange Rates may be Available for your EUR Priced Charter Booked with Us

With the growing number of charters being priced in Euros, we have contracted with Money Corp U.S., a large foreign exchange company, in order to ensure that our clients can be offered a reduced corporate exchange rate by Money Corp U.S. for EUR payments for any charter booked with us priced in EUR. By our contracting with Money Corp., any of our clients interested will receive the reduced corporate bulk exchange rate, which is usually lower than that which a private individual might be offered for a one time exchange from their bank.

Not sure if the Money Corp corporate rate for which we have contracted is lower than a rate you might be provided elsewhere? Money Corp is happy to provide an exchange rate for an EUR payment you might need to make which you can take to your bank or financial institution to see if the rate offered by your bank is lower than the rate offered by Money Corp. We are not a bank or financial institution. This is a pass through service only, in which we do not participate or have a financial interest. Our interest is in helping you find the best exchange rate possible for your EUR priced charter.

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