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Magnificent scenery is only one reason to charter a yacht in Alaska this coming summer. The experience of outstanding wild life, marine and bird life is unlike any other worldwide cruising location except the Galapagos. Of course, natural life in the Galapagos is very different as a warm water location than natural life in Alaska as a cold water location, with the only real cross over being sea lions. dolphins, and whales.

In Alaska prepare to see humpback whales, orcas, harbor seals, dolphins, sea lions, and waters teeming with salmon, halibut, crabs, and shrimp. On land are bears, moose, goats, and puffins perching on coastal rocks; while over head American Bald Eagles soar through the skies.

Hike through virgin forests, where a thick layer of moss covers the forest floor, Fish for various species of salmon, and barn door sized halibut. Fly fish for salmon spawning upstream. Watch humpback whales perform their age-old group bubble net dance when feeding. Experience huge tidewater glacier faces calve into the seas below and sea kayak around ice floes to chip off hundreds of years old glacier ice for on board drinks.

Days fly by on charter in Alaska with so much to see and do, and for seafood aficionados, enjoy enormous amounts of very fresh seafood plucked right from the water to enjoy on board,. If Alaska is on your bucket list for this coming summer, now is the time to book a terrific crewed yacht charter. Seeing Alaska on a crewed charter yacht which can hug the coast, and sit next to a pod of whales bubble net feeding, is a far more rewarding experience than being on a cruise ship offshore in the required deeper waters needed for the vessel size.

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Featured Itinerary:
Sitka to Juneau

Visit Sitka and Juneau along with Admiralty Island, and Frederick Sound on this great yacht charter itinerary exploring all that Alaska offers.

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Glacier Bay Icebergs

Featured Destination:
Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glacier

A beautiful fjord just south of Juneau headed by the north and south face of the Sawyer Glacier that calves once and hour for a dramatic show.

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Mount Healthy National Park Sugar Mill Ruins

Tortola Industry Charter Yacht Show

We just returned from inspecting crewed charter yachts available for charter mainly in the British Virgin Islands and U.S. Virgin Islands. We caught up with crew we know well and met new crew while checking on the overall maintenance, cleanliness, amenities and water toys on board each yacht. This is the center in worldwide crewed yacht charter for private sailing catamarans as the U.S. and British Virgin Islands have terrific protected waters for a very comfortable and very fun charter on a sailing catamaran. We were very happy with the yachts we saw. If a sailing charter in the U.S. or British Virgin Islands is of interest, we have the latest information on the best charter choices!

Lower USD to EUR Exchange Rates may be Available for your EUR Priced Charter Booked with Us

With the growing number of charters being priced in Euros, we have contracted with Money Corp U.S. a large foreign exchange company for our clients to be offered a reduced corporate exchange rate by Money Corp U.S. for EUR payments for any charter booked with us priced in EUR. By our contracting with Money Corp., any of our clients interested will receive the reduced corporate bulk exchange rate, which is usually lower than that which a private individual might be offered for a one time exchange from their bank.

Not sure if the Money Corp corporate rate for which we have contracted is lower than a rate you might be provided elsewhere? Money Corp is happy to provide an exchange rate for an EUR payment you might need to make which you can take to your bank or financial institution to see if the rate offered by your bank is lower than the rate offered by Money Corp. We are not a bank or financial institution. This is a pass through service only, in which we do not participate or have a financial interest. Our interest is in helping you find the best exchange rate possible for your EUR priced charter.

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