The Amalfi Coast of Italy – Both Quaint & Glamorous

October 2018 E-News

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On the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula, and just a short few miles from the chic island of Capri, is the quaint and glamorous Amalfi Coast; a sunny shore, with lemon orchards, and fishing villages.  A private yacht charter usually starts in nearby Naples cruising along the Amalfi Coast, however also Capri, Ischia, and the nearby Pontine Islands can be visited all depending on what you want to see and do.  On the Amalfi Coast visit PositanoAmalfiRavello, and Vietri sul Mer.  Positano is a little fishing village full of artists and craftsmen.  Here you can buy handmade leather sandels, fit exactly to your foot.  Explore the little alleyways, and walking streets to find the unique and unusual made in Positano.  Amalfi, once the Duchy of Amalfi a very wealthy maritime state that today, as a little fishing village still reflects the grandeur that once was.  High up in the hills, overlooking the Amalfi coast, and reachable by taxi or hiking is Ravello, a tiny mountain village home to ceramic artists and villas of the wealthy including the Villa Rufolo, which today is the site of an excellent series of summer musical concerts.  And for the ceramics enthusiast, there is Vietri sul Mer.  This village has been a center of ceramics since the medieval days, and today, Vietri is an important appellation of origin for any ceramics painted in this village, as only these ceramics can bear the name Vietri.  Visit the ceramic artists and commission a piece for yourself to be shipped. And don’t forget to have an evening cocktail on the outside terrace of the San Pietro hotel, or head by ship’s tender into the little coastal taverna of Conca del Sogno, best reached by ship’s tender with excellent pasta.

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Italy, Naples-Naples

Visit the Amalfi Coast out of Naples, Italy and include ports of call in Capri,Ischia and the Pontine Islands.

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Amalfi Coast Ceramics

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Amalfi, Italy

Once a powerful maritime state, today, the historic Village of Amalfi is a lovely fishing village.

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Santorini at Sunset

We Are Booking Charters Now for Croatia, Italy, Greece, France and Spain for Summer 2019!

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Thanksgiving in the BVI’s

There are still many yachts, especially sailing catamarans available in the British Virgin Islands for a lovely American Thanksgiving Holiday Charter. It is just as easy to cook a turkey on sea as on land, and why not leave the turkey cooking to your lovely crew, and the cleanup as well, while you enjoy a lovely Caribbean drink gazing at beautiful water and sand. Normal charter rates, no Holiday Rates, for a Thanksgiving.Charter.

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Not sure if the Money Corp corporate rate for which we have contracted is lower than a rate you might be provided elsewhere? Money Corp is happy to provide an exchange rate for an EUR payment you might need to make which you can take to your bank or financial institution to see if the rate offered by your bank is lower than the rate offered by Money Corp. We are not a bank or financial institution, and this is a pass through service only, in which we do not participate or have financial interest. Our interest is in helping you find the best exchange rate possible for your EUR priced charter.

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