The Ever-Beckoning Bahamas”Out Islands”

January 2019 E-News


As Ernest Hemingway wrote in Islands in the Stream.. “the water of the Stream was usually a dark blue when you looked out at it when there was no wind. But when you walked out into it there was just the green light of the water over that floury white sand …”  It is this and so much more that make The Bahamas “Out Islands” so special.

With over 700 islands, cays, and islets sprinkled across the Atlantic Ocean, this is a location where there are no cruise ships, no high rise hotels, no crowds, just miles of deserted fine white powder and pink sand beaches, beautiful clear water, lovely coral gardens for hours of warm water snorkeling, terrific shelling, caverns, sea grottos, and swimming pigs.

The Bahamas “Out Islands” are a water sports paradise, for fun in the sun, and true relaxation away from it all, except your nearest and dearest that you bring along.  This is a “motor yacht mecca”, as the miles of shallow water providing terrific water fun require the shallow draft not found on a sailing yacht.

And every Owner knows that The Bahamas Out Islands are for water fun.  Many charter yacht in the Bahamas are filled with fun water toys such as: trampolines, floating islands, fishing gear, water slides, stand up paddle boards, sea kayaks, a myriad of tow toys, water skis, sea bobs, wave runners and jet skis, and perhaps the latest jet propelled surf boards, and other water jet pack toys, and under water sea scooters.  These water toys are not the every day resort water toys, these are high end new and cool water toys packed on board your luxury charter motor yacht for hours of water fun.

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The Exumas:  Nassau to Nassau

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Bahamas Out Islands: The Exumas

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All About Chartering in the Bahamas 

Chartering in the Bahamas is all about motor yacht charter as the waters are shallow and best on a yacht with no more than a 6 foot draft.  Chartering in the Bahamas is also all about water toys and fun in the sun and water toys are best carried on a motor yacht with great on board storage room.  Having a shallow draft and water toy storage room = a motor yacht; an ideal choice for a charter in the Bahamas.

Charter based in Nassau: which is 35 nautical miles from the most northern Exuma Island.  Being so close to Nassau,The Exuma Islands are an ideal charter location; close by, yet with a remote unspoiled feel where your’s might be the only  footsteps in the sand. The Harbour Island area is also popular where a  charter cruise includes villages with a more Colonial Bahamian feel along with pink sand beaches.  However, while Harbour Island is certainly a possible boarding port, expect to pay a delivery fee for the yacht to be delivered from Nassau.

Yacht charter pricing in the Bahamas is generally on a “plus all” basis, with a base charter price for the yacht and crew services with all expenses charged in addition.  There is no markup on the expenses, which are charged at the receipt price, however there is a high duty on most goods acquired in the Bahamas, including fuel, so expect expenses for a normal one week charter to run approximately 35% of the base charter fee.  There is also a 4% Bahamian Cruising Tax charged on the base charter fee.

Due to expenses, including dockage, being higher in the Bahamas, many yachts are docked in Florida and available for a charter in Florida or the Bahamas. Generally a delivery fee is charged for a Florida based yacht to be positioned in the Bahamas.  Boarding in Florida crossing to the Bahamas is not recommended, as the Gulf Stream that runs between Florida and the Bahamas can be quite rough, with many hours of cruising required to do the crossing from Florida to Nassau.

Bahamas weather: while tropical, the Bahamas do have winter weather from mid-December to mid-March, then there can be storms and temperatures to less than balmy. The best time of year in the Bahamas are spring, summer and fall, with summer considered the best cruising season.  However, Hurricane Season from June November can impact; the Bahamas from time to time, so best, if chartering then to purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance.

Let us help you choose the right yacht and crew for a terrific charter enjoying beautiful waters, powdery sands and the warm sun.

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