The Magical Greek Cycladic Islands

February 2018 E-News

Santorini at Sunset

Want to be off the beaten cruise ship path? Want to see the real Cycladic Islands, culture and every day life; beyond the chic lifestyle on Santorini and Mykonos? The only way to experience the beautiful and traditional Cycladic Islands of Greece is by private yacht charter.

Explore the once very wealthy volcanic island of Milos, where the sharp glass-like quality of obsidian is found and was used in Ancient Times to make much prized weapons. Visit Naoussa on the island of Paros to experience a true Cycladic traditional village from yesteryear. Enjoy sitting on the piazza on the harbor with fishing boats bobbing in the sun, for taverna wood grilled fresh fish or maybe octopus. Cruise into the main harbor of Syros, island of two religions where the large Greek Orthodox Church sits atop one hill overlooking the harbor, with the large Catholic church on the other twin hilltop. Each Cycladic Island is very different, with a different history that can be understood more readily when on a private yacht charter visit of each island without hoards of ship mates milling around. And enjoy the beautiful remote anchorages and beaches of each island as can only be done by private yacht.

It is only on a yacht charter where the tapestry that is made up of each individual Cycladic Island unfolds to be explored and enjoyed. Rather than memories of lines, cruise ship tenders, and being herded around in a group by a guide, yours, on a private yacht charter, will be memories of that quaint little taverna, where fresh caught fish was enjoyed barbecued over a wood fire, in a lovely anchorage where yours might be the only visiting yacht, and you might be the only outside visitors.

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Old Greek Windmills

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The Greek Cycladic Islands

Cruise from Athens to the remote corners of the Cycladic Islands-enjoy this magical yacht charter itinerary.

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Milos Island

A lovely Cycladic Island. Soak up the unique history of Milos, once a fabulously wealthy Greek Island in Ancient Times

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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alert for Game of Thrones Fans: The Final Season 9 of GOT will air starting on April 14. Be sure to look for scenes filmed in Dubrovnik, Croatia, nearby Lokrum Island, and just outside of Dubrovnik at the Trstenik Arboretum in Trstenik Bay. For more complete information on where various scenes were filmed in each location in Croatia see our blog with this 8 day GOT itinerary, and read all about filming in Old Town Dubrovnik for GOT “King’s Landing”.

Spring Season Charter Events on the French Riviera & Monte Carlo: This year the Cannes Film Festival will be May 15 to 25, and the Monaco Grand Prix will be May 23 to 26. Luxury charter yachts are available to charter for both events. Be anchored right off the Red Carpet of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. Watch the exciting Grand Prix from the top deck of your charter yacht docked in the main harbor of Monte Carlo right on the race car route.

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