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October 2020 E-News

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Today, more so than ever, because of reduced visitation over the last year, the Galapagos feels like it was 50 years ago, as with far fewer visitors, the natural world in the Galapagos feels far more vibrant and alive than ever before.  And as always, the natural world pays you no heed, (except perhaps the young sea lions, that might entice you to join them in a game of water hide and seek) and go about their daily business whether you are there or not.

Sea lion pups might be birthed in the wild right in front of you, or if it is the season, blue booby baby birds might hatch right out of their shells while you watch, without the sheet of glass that might separate you if you were at a zoo.  It is easy to see, as you visit various islands on a crewed yacht charter, why Darwin came about his Theory of Evolution. And only on a crewed yacht charter can you visit the different islands to see the various different species from which Darwin developed this significant theory.

Want to be remote this winter?  The Galapagos are the place to be. And now, for one of the first times ever, discounts are being offered, and rather than needing to book a year in advance as usual, there is good availability now, with availability even still for the Holidays.

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Swimming penguin in the Galapagos

Where Else Can One Swim with Penguins?

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Galapagos Sea Lion pup

Play Water Hide and Seek with Young Sea Lions

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 New Year’s in the Caribbean!

New Years is alive and well in the Caribbean and there are still yachts available for booking!

Let your private charter crew create your own onboard New Year’s Celebration in a wonderful warm and beautiful anchorage on board your luxury charter yacht.

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