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Luxury Yacht Charter, Caribbean

The Caribbean, with warm winter breezes, white sand beaches, and clear blue green water, is a terrific winter getaway for all ages, and charter is a great vacation choice for all ages.  Older generations can relax on deck or hide away in the shade with a good book, while the younger ones splish-splash all day long in the water, or are snorkeling, swimming, playing with water toys, being towed by the crew behind the tender on tow toys, or building sand castles on a beach, all to relax in a happy heap at the end of the day.

If you have already been on a charter in the Caribbean, you may have seen part of the Caribbean, however there is so much more to see, as the islands stretch from Puerto Rico to Grenada, with so many different islands and island nations in between.  And with so many different islands and island nations, there are a myriad of anchorages, a plethora of coral gardens on which to snorkel or scuba dive, plus sunken wrecks, and a different scene ashore depending on the island nationality and history.

This winter for family fun, a school break vacation, or just a relaxing warm winter get-away, consider the Caribbean islands, where a yacht charter awaits, cruising through any of the Virgin Islands, Leeward Islands or Windward Islands.

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St Martin, Caribbean, luxury yacht charter

Featured Itinerary:
St. Martin to Antigua

Explore the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean.

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Nevis island caribbean beach barbecue

Featured Destination:
Nevis Island, An Island of History

Nevis – a Reflection of the Colonial Caribbean.

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Luxury Yachts In Town Of Vis Waterfront

It looks to be a very busy upcoming season in the Caribbean this year with a great selection of private charter yachts to choose from for your winter get-away.  If you are still thinking about the Holidays, there are still great choices available.

Likewise, charters are already booking for next summer in various locations such as CroatiaGreece, ItalyFrance and Spain.  For the best selection of yachts to consider, we are encouraging thinking about next summer now.

For any charters priced in EUR, we may be able to help with a good exchange rate by referring you to Moneybank with whom we have a contract for Moneybank to offer anyone that books a charter with us a corporate bulk rate, which is better than the rate offered by most banks for an individual private request to exchange funds. We are always happy to ask Moneybank to give you a quote to consider or you can even show the Moneybank quote to your bank to try to match.  Our interest is in you having the best exchange rate possible.

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