Insider Recommendations

Our New England Yacht Charter Recommendations

Newport, Rhode Island

This New England town has many different faces, reflecting different eras in history. Explore the streets surrounding the harbor, where one of the oldest colonial buildings is still standing and in use every day, as captured in time from the Colonial Newport Revolutionary War English Blockade of the port. On Bellevue Avenue, tour the Gilded Age Mansions of the very wealthy, known as “Summer Cottages” built and enjoyed by such well-known families as the Vanderbilts, and Belmonts. Throughout Newport, history are tales of pirates, and rum running and tours on these very subjects are available all summer. Don’t miss the Ghost Tour as Newport is often touted as one of the most haunted villages in the U.S.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Once home to a large whaling fleet, Nantucket sea captains built large homes on the main cobble stone streets leading to the harbor, in which are now little boutique shops. Be sure to visit the Nantucket Whaling Museum, an easy walk from the main harbor, to learn about the vibrant whaling past of this island where wives watched the horizon from Widow’s Walks on the roof of their homes, while waiting for their loved ones to return .

Monhegan Island, Maine

A solitary little island with a small human population mainly engaged in fishing. Be sure to hike through the extensive and beautiful forests, with hiking trails starting not far from the harbor. Be on the lookout for little Fairy Houses, built the islanders say, by the local fairy population living in the forests on this magical island.

Mystic Aquarium and Oceanography Institute in Mystic, Connecticut

One of the most important Aquarium Museums in the U.S., this aquarium is one of three in the U.S. with Steller Sea Lions and has one of the largest outdoor Beluga Whale exhibits. Special exhibits also include a ray and shark touch pool, a focus on penguins, and a jellies gallery. The Ocean Exploration Center includes maps, diagrams, and models from Dr. Balcom’s explorations of the Black Sea and of the wreck of the RMS Titanic.

Acadia National Park, Maine

Located on Mt. Desert Island in Maine, this extensive national park is filled with trails, that are accessible from several Maine ports including Bar Harbor.

Whale Watching

Visit Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary (off Massachusetts), Jeffreys Ledge, or the Gulf of Maine, where Humpback, Finback, Right, and Minke whales migrate to rich feeding grounds off the New England coast to dine on mackerel, herring, krill and other schooling fish.

Bicycling on Block Island, Rhode Island

With many bicycle and moped shops from which to choose, rent and explore this lightly inhabited and lovely island by bicycle or moped, enjoying the many island roads winding through sand dunes filled with beach roses.

Lobster Boil on the Beach, Maine

A long time Maine culinary event, your crew can create a real Maine lobster boil right on the beach, with fresh lobsters that may even be able to be bought right off of the lobster boat if seen, or at least at any number of onshore locations. The key to this culinary extravaganza is to boil all in clean sea water, with fresh seaweed. Comprised of lobsters, soft shelled clams, mussels, Portuguese sausage, potatoes and fresh corn on the cob, the lobster boil is done and ready to be poured out on a bed of seaweed on the beach to be devoured, when uncooked eggs placed in the bottom of the pot raise to the surface hard boiled.

Old Mystic Seaport

A living maritime museum, Old Mystic Seaport is a re-creation of a typical port town in 19th century New England. Filled with museum exhibits of maritime history and live exhibits of typical industry in a 19th century port town such as candle making, casket making and printing, along with historic ships, one can easily spend a day or more here. There are special educational children’s tours and exhibits, in which children can receive hands-on history lessons. If available, your charter yacht can sail right into and dock within Old Mystic Seaport for a front row seat of this active living museum.