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Patmos, Greece

Patmos, Greece is only accessible by water, making it the perfect destination for a luxury yacht cruise. This island combines intriguing history with stunning views of the Aegean Sea, bright, white-washed Medieval architecture, and serene beaches.

Patmos, Greece, has strong religious associations, but it is also steeped in beauty and history. Known as the Island of the Apocalypse, Patmos has been celebrated since the Middle Ages as an important Christian pilgrimage site. You can visit the cave where it is believed the Apostle John recorded what Jesus Christ told him about the end times in the book of Revelation.

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Patmos Bells of the Monastery of St. John

The last surviving disciple of Jesus Christ was exiled to Patmos in the late 1st century during religious persecution by Roman Emperor Domitian. Regardless of your religious beliefs, you should visit this cave as an essential piece of history.

Your luxury yacht charter can cruise the Aegean Sea and dock in the town of Skala, which is the main harbor and town on the island of Patmos. Here explore the labyrinth of charming narrow whitewashed alleys in the Medieval Chora of Patmos. Encounter fantastic views of the Aegean Sea around nearly every corner. If your wanderings bring you into an unfamiliar locale, simply use the Monastery of St. John the Divine (founded in 1088 AD), which is listed on the World Heritage list, perched high on top of the island, as your compass.

Patmos Chora Around Monestery of St. John

Patmos Chora Around Monastery of St. John

Visit and mingle with locals at the organized beaches of Skala, Agriolivado, and Livadi Geranou. Or cruise to a more remote beach such as Psili Ammos Beach to enjoy some solitude and revel in its natural beauty. Psili Ammos (meaning “Fine Sand”) is one of the most pristine beaches of Patmos. It is a picturesque cove with pure golden sand and sweeping dunes. It’s mostly accessible by private watercraft, so it’s an ideal destination to include on your custom Patmos, Greece itinerary.

Patmos is also known for its superb hiking. Countless ancient footpaths criss-cross the small island, leading to tiny chapels, one for every day of the year built on the island, small settlements, and secluded beaches. Breathtaking views of the sea are everywhere.

Shopping is another fun activity to add to your custom itinerary. Visit Patmos shops that sell local products such as embroideries, ceramics, small sculptures, and traditional hand-woven fabrics. Patmos is also famous for its modern handmade jewelry inspired by ancient motifs.

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Patmos Taverna

Have lunch at one of the many seaside taverns located on the island. Lampi, for example, offers exquisite local cuisine in the tradition of the original Greek taverna. Wine and dine in the evenings within the City of Chora, where fresh seafood is ample, and the local dishes are legendary. Afterward, take in the panoramic sea views over a glass of Savatiana on the patio of a modern Chora bar or lounge.

There are so many ways to enjoy your luxury yacht vacation to Patmos, Greece. We’ll help create a custom itinerary that will link both past and present with all the delights of Greece along the way.