Written by Missy Johnston

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Zakinthos Island, Greece

How about unpacking once, and still seeing something new every day? How about relaxing on the aft deck while watching the scenery slide by? How about slipping over the side for the refreshing swim, just because? How about sitting down to a gourmet dinner under the stars? These are all the secrets of a private crewed yacht charter vacation.

How else can you travel and take your hotel and restaurant with you? In private crewed yacht charter you are on board with your own private crew for 5 star service. Move aboard a crewed yacht and unwind, as your crew take care of all meals, service, recreation, and of course, cruising. Laze on the desks under the sun, and enjoy seeing a new location or revisiting a well loved location.
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Snorkeling in Indonesia

Rather than covering a large distance, as cruise ships might do bouncing from large port to large port in the middle of the night, on a crewed yacht charter you will explore your chosen charter area, for an intimate understanding and enjoyment of the area and culture.

Unlike a cruise ship, a crewed charter yacht can enter the small private anchorages in Alaska, where Bald Eagles may be perched in clusters in the surrounding trees, sit in the middle of a pod of whales bubble net feeding, or under the face of a calving glacier. In Maine, you might come alongside a lobsterman and buy fresh lobsters for lunch, dropped into the pot filled with clean ocean water, which is the best way to cook lobsters. You might anchor in a small harbor of a Greek island that can only be reached by private yacht and make new friend in the village taverna. In Mexico, you might anchor in a secluded anchorage right off of the beach littered with shells, waiting to be gathered. Visit a Black Pearl Farm in Raiatea, or snorkel through the lagoon surrounding Bora Bora, ending with a picnic lunch on a deserted beach. In Turkey, snorkel over ancient sunken harbors, wander traditional bazaars in villages off the beaten track, or hike through pine forests where the earth is ripped open from wild boars sharpening their tusks. Anchor in secluded areas in Indonesia with no other yacht around and visit villages where you must ask the village elder for permission to walk through their town, or cruise in Fiji, where you must sit with the village elder partaking in a cava juice ceremony to ask permission to visit the village.

Crewed yacht charter is to partake in a true slice of life of the area where you are visiting. And all is combined with swimming, snorkeling or using sea kayaks, water skiing, and windsurfing, all depending on the charter location and the toys on board.