Written by Missy Johnston

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To charter in Indonesia, the yacht must be Indonesian flag. Look around, there are very few, at least very few that are to the international standards of crewed yacht charter that we all expect. Silolona, and a “sistership” that is being built to be launched in July, are the best of the best for crewed yacht charter in Indonesia and this is a charter experience unlike any other and one not to be missed!

In spring, summer and fall, Silolona, 167′ Phinisi sailing yacht, and also soon the “sistership” sail the waters of Indonesia. There are thousands of itineraries in this expansive bit of water, each a fascinating area to explore. Following are just a few of the varied areas in Indonesia where Silolona cruises on charter:

Banda Islands: Home of the nutmeg and the Dutch East Indies Trading Company, revisit an exciting bit of history cruising through the Banda Islands in the Banda Sea

luxury yachts, mega yachts, super yachts, yacht charter
Up Close Shot of Nutmeg

Komodo Archipelago: As a mostly a preserved national park, this string of islands are the only known home worldwide of the infamous Komodo Dragon, a 9 foot long lizard considered a possible remnant of Prehistoric times.

luxury yachts, mega yachts, super yachts, yacht charter
Komodo Dragon

East Flores Archipelago: Sailing through slumbering or not so slumbering volcanoes in this beautiful area; visit villages where the women weave the Ikat Textiles and watch how this fascinating textile is woven, picking up a few originals, of course, to bring home right from the source.

luxury yachts, mega yachts, super yachts, yacht charter
Indonesia-Sumba Island villager weaving Ikat Textile

And throughout this area are crystal clear waters with excellent snorkeling and diving, shelling or just long deserted beaches waiting to be explored. Ask about Silolona for your next charter.