Written by Missy Johnston

Yacht Charter Lifestyle

Yacht Charter Lifestyle

One of the things our clients love the most about a private yacht charter vacation is that it affords the opportunity to social distance as much or as little as you want, while offering up luxury amenities and five-star service. There is simply no better way to travel and explore the world!

A private yacht charter vacation has so much to offer any time of year as this is the ideal trip that offers the ultimate in personalization, social distancing, and (perhaps most importantly) luxury! Let’s take a closer look at why a luxury yacht charter is the best type of vacation to plan, then see exactly what awaits you onboard with an exclusive look at some of the charter yachts available in three of our favorite destinations.

Private Yacht Charter: The Ideal Social Distancing Travel Choice

A private yacht charter is a unique and luxurious way to see the world. There are so many advantages that make a yacht charter a standout choice for travel now. Here are our top three reasons why chartering a private luxury yacht can be the perfect choice for your getaway.

Chef Prepares cuisine on Luxury Yacht Charter

Chef Prepares Cuisine for Charter Guests

1. Complete customization

One of the best things about a private yacht charter vacation is that we are standing by, as your yacht charter broker, to craft a personalized itinerary that meets the needs and desires of all of your guests. Dietary restrictions? We can make sure your onboard chef creates meals tailored to any food allergy (or just a certain palate choice). Looking for total relaxation or is your group made up of adventurers looking to snorkel, scuba, or hike, or all of the above? Whatever your group is like, you have the freedom to make each day be exactly what you want it to be. Spend all day lying in the sun on the top deck or work up an appetite swimming with sea turtles and other fascinating sea life. If you wake up and change your mind about your desires for that day, just tell your captain about your new wishes and whims. It’s that simple!

Relax as our luxury yacht crew is there to anticipate your needs while providing the highest standard of service.

Guests Enjoy Onboard Cocktails

2. Extreme or not social distancing

A private yacht charter vacation gives you control over how much you choose to socially distance. It’s just you and your hand-picked guests on board (and your crew of course!). Then, depending on the location of your trip, you can decide whether you want to go ashore to visit the local shops, see the sights, and absorb the history and culture. And if heading ashore is not your choice, you can still enjoy many of the sights from right on board your charter yacht. Gorgeous coastlines await in every destination and in every direction you look. Have your chef create a tasty treat of fresh local cuisine, served at your on-deck table while you enjoy breathtaking views.

You can even venture off the charter yacht and still socially distance. In just about every location, your captain can find deserted beaches or secluded anchorages where there is no one around, even on land. Enjoy total privacy—just you and your guests, with no need to worry about encountering anyone else. There’s plenty to choose from depending on your location. Splash in the water, have fun with the onboard water toys, enjoy a pop-up picnic on shore, swim with manta rays, penguins, or sea lions, snorkel beautiful coral gardens filled with tropical fish, hike through virgin forests, or through fields redolent with wild herbs.

On board comfort made possible by professional staff on perfectly maintained luxury yachts. Cruise to the parts of the world you love best and see it all while lounging on deck.

Enjoying Onboard Amenities

3. Luxury, luxury, luxury

We cannot stress this last benefit enough. Always enjoy fine dining, and depending on the yacht, enjoy on-deck pools and hot tubs, water toys galore, and more! Every charter yacht has something special to offer with the ability to travel in elegance and luxury without lifting a finger, and we help clients select the perfect vessel for their destination, party size, and budget. It’s time to take in fresh air and lavish living. Escape the crowds as your charter yacht cruises the high seas.

Social Distance in Luxury: Beautiful Locations, Charter Yachts, and Exciting Itineraries Await

There is no better way to fully appreciate the luxurious living on a private yacht charter than with an inside look through this writer’s eye at some of our favorite yachts available for charter in three of our favorite yacht charter destinations, along with highlights about those special charter locations.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Chartering a yacht in Greece is an ideal vacation for those looking for the ultimate combination of luxury, gorgeous coastlines, and social distancing. There are, of course, many sites to see should one choose to go ashore, but there is more than enough to keep everyone on board fully entertained and enthralled without going near any crowds. Beautiful, quiet anchorages abound throughout the more than 6,000 Greek islands and islets. Take in the sights as you cruise from one harbor to another, filled with colorful, quaint fishing boats and other luxury Greek charter yachts.

Cruising through the Cycladic Islands is just one way to enjoy a Greek yacht charter vacation. Hop aboard in Athens and enjoy all of the on-board luxuries during a 40-mile cruise to Kea—a great first stop in the Cycladic Islands before cruising on to Tinos, the “Holy Island of the Cyclades.” The Church of the Evangelistria is a popular spot to visit for those who want to see the sights on land. Be sure to have your chef pick up some of the locally made high-grade cheeses such as “Kopanisti,” so even those who choose not to go ashore can indulge in the regional cuisine.

Cycladic islands, Greece

Cycladic Islands, Greece

Mykonos features a colorful harbor filled with fishing boats and luxury yachts, side by side. The main town is stuffed with shops and boutiques set against a backdrop of the famous Cycladic windmills. After cruising to Paros, anchor off Langeri for a private beach barbecue. Drios also offers a number of beautiful beaches to be enjoyed in complete privacy.

Santorini is a feast for your eyes right from your charter yacht. Take it all in as your captain navigates into the Caldera with the volcanic sides of the Caldera rising all around, striated in beautiful earth shades. The white sugar-cube houses of Serifos that dot the port are a classic example of Greek Cycladic architecture. This is a perfect last island to visit before returning to Athens. There are many other itineraries to enjoy when you explore Greece on a private yacht charter, but let’s take a moment to step inside one of our favorite Greek luxury charter yachts.

Mia Rama, at 175 feet, cruising at 16 knots, is a Queen of the Greek luxury charter fleet. This yacht can sleep up to 12 guests, and the 11 crew members are sure to meet your every need. One large suite on the main deck features a king size bed and ensuite bathroom with a Jacuzzi and walk-in wardrobe. A twin cabin also has its own ensuite bathroom. The lower deck offers two more guest suites, also with an en suite bathroom and Jacuzzi, while the upper deck has yet another suite with a king size bed, ensuite bathroom, and Jacuzzi. Stay in shape using the private gym on the top deck, or jump in the water for some exercise with the extensive number of water toys including a paddleboard, wakeboard, and water skis. Take the wave runners, or relax in the Jacuzzi on the sun deck. This is truly high-end, luxury travel at its finest.


The Picturesque Harbor of Portofino, Italy

The Picturesque Harbor of Portofino, Italy

Italy can be enjoyed by super yacht, motor yacht, sailing yacht, or catamaran. We can help you select the best charter yacht to explore the Italian coastline. There are so many cruising itineraries to choose from, so this is just one example of a really fun Italian yacht charter cruising itinerary. Hop aboard in Sicily to explore the Aeolian Islands. Cruise first to the island of Vulcano for a dip in the mud pools and hot mineral springs. Next stop is Filicudi for snorkeling and sunbathing, and then it’s on to Lipari. The shops and restaurants here are fantastic, but it’s just as fun to stay back on board for a private meal and cocktails after a swim in the beautiful water. The active volcano on Stromboli is a worthy hike for those seeking adventure, and make sure your private charter yacht chef picks up some local capers and Malvasia delle Lipari wine to enjoy onboard.

Other popular Italian yacht charter itineraries include Rome to Naples, Genoa to Portofino, and Sardinia, Bonafacio, and the Maddalena Islands to name just a few. A custom itinerary is usually planned just for your group based on your preferences, hobbies, and comfort level with a perfect balance of on-board versus on-shore excursions.

For an Italian yacht charter getaway, Skylark is a great option for smaller parties of up to eight guests featuring on-board luxury in a value price range. With three queen beds, one double, and one pullman, this charter yacht is 69 feet long and has a cruising speed of 12 knots. Everyone will enjoy the inflatable floating island, kayaks, paddleboard, wakeboard, water skis, fishing gear, and snorkeling equipment. A TV and DVD player in all cabins along with an iPod dock and indoor audio system keeps the entertainment going as you desire, and the on-deck Jacuzzi is always the center of fun in the sun.


Dubrovnik. Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cruise the more than 1,000 islands of Croatia in total luxury for a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you choose to stay on board for most or all of your vacation, a Croatia yacht charter has so much to offer every yacht charter guest. Drink in the gorgeous scenery from so many different anchorages, and enjoy the clear blue and green waters. We have crafted many Croatia yacht charter itineraries, filled with unique and unforgettable experiences of all that Croatia has to offer. Here is a sample of what awaits on a yacht charter cruise to these islands and coast that merge the ancient, medieval, and modern world seamlessly.

Start your charter in the fortress city of Kotor in Montenegro, just south of Croatia. Once a Byzantine stronghold in the olden days, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, cruise to the walled city of Dubrovnik with its ancient buildings and cobbled streets before heading to the island of Mljet for a private lunch in a secluded bay. Next stop is the medieval town of Korcula, the reputed birthplace of Marco Polo. Trogir and Split are two other towns worth visiting for those who want to go ashore, and then it’s on to Vis, where one can explore “the Blue Grotto,” an underwater cave illuminated by the morning sunlight. Those who are nervous about disembarking can leave their worries behind in the beautiful National Park of the Lastovo Archipelago, which offers many isolated anchorages.

One of our favorite charter yachts in Croatia is the motor yacht Annabel II. At just over 97 feet, it can accommodate up to 10 guests in four staterooms. The master stateroom features a king size bed, while two twin cabins have two single beds. An additional VIP cabin comes with a queen size bed, and all four cabins have their own ensuite bath for ultimate privacy. The yacht is fully air conditioned for summer comfort.

There are many amenities on board, such as enjoying a movie from the DVD library either in your stateroom in your cabin or on the larger screen in the main salon. Listen to your favorite music on the indoor audio system, or have fun with the long list of water toys available, including a kayak, kneeboard, wakeboard, multiple paddleboards, water skis, and a towable tube. There is also a swim platform and an on-deck Jacuzzi—a great way to end every day of your vacation.

If the Annabel II doesn’t meet your needs, not to worry! You can search our database for other charter yachts available in this area, and we would love to help you find your perfect charter yacht.

On a private yacht charter, a fabulous vacation can always be planned in the lap of luxury with your choice of when to socially distance and how much social distancing you want in any worldwide cruising location. The level of social interaction is entirely up to you and yours to control to your comfort. A private yacht charter is truly the only way to travel for the best accommodations, food, service, culture, and one-of-a-kind experiences in an environment that is yours to control as to whether to socially distance or not.