Written by Missy Johnston

Aerial View of Bora Bora with its islands around
Bora Bora

Now is the time to charter in the Society Islands, meaning Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine, Tahaa, Tahiti and Moorea. The High Season, meaning “non rainy” is from April to October, which means it is happening now. These islands are “Polynesia”, in the truest sense, complete with welcoming people, swaying palm trees, beautiful lagoons, dugout canoes and ukuleles. And don’t forget the pearl farms with the famous Black Pearl grown in the waters around these islands. And of course, their own version of “Black Gold”, the vanilla bean pod, grown on plantations on the various islands. A charter around these islands means snorkeling through endless shallow lagoons, playing with manta rays at the Lagoonarium, touring vanilla plantations, visiting Black Pearl Farms for outstanding prices, and of course, cruising through beautiful waters back dropped by lovely volcanic islands.

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Tahaa Vanilla Plantation

At CharterWorld with Missy Johnston we have cruised through these islands many times and can’t wait to return again.

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Black Pearl Farm
The Society Islands are separated by distance into two areas, one area is Moorea and Tahiti and then the other area is Bora Bora, Raiatea, Huahine and Tahaa. If you only have one week, it is best to fly into Papeete, Tahiti and then fly on to Bora Bora, Huahine or Raiatea to start a charter (Tahaa does not have an airport). If you have ten days or longer, then of course you should do all of the islands, with one long sail between the areas of Moorea and Tahiti and the other islands. You will not be disappointed no matter how much time you have as each island is well worth visiting and has a unique feel. However, throughout all of the islands, you will be welcomed as a visitor and when you leave; you will feel as if you are leaving great friends behind. The Society Islands are certainly a great place to visit and visiting through yacht charter is the best way to see and really enjoy these islands.
Hawaiki Nui Va Outrigger Canoe Race in Huahine, French Polyneias
Huahine Lagoon