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Kas Harbor and Quay

Kas Harbor and Quay-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

A yacht charter trip along the southern coast of Turkey isn’t complete without a stop in Kas. The town is a well-known tourist spot along the coast and an excellent private yacht charter destination where visitors can get a glimpse into history while soaking in amazing panoramic views.

Xanthos AmphitheaterTurkey

Xanthos Amphitheater-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

We suggest an early departure from your yacht to explore Kas. The Greek theater on the top of the town’s hill is a must-see, as it is one of the most impressive monuments along Turkey’s southern coast. Take in the view of the inlets and creeks below while you’re there. From Kas, a driver with a guide can take you to the nearby towns of Xanthos, Patara, and Letoon. Return back to Kas at day’s end, and unwind back on your private charter yacht in the Mediterranean Sea.

Yacht Charter Cruising Area Kekova Turkey

Kekova, Turkey-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

Another yacht charter trip highlight to enjoy from Kas is visiting the Kekova area by sea, located down the coast from Kas. Known as the location of an ancient sunken city, an earthquake created the island of Kekova when it caused much of a large once flourishing city to drop into the sea, creating the island of Kekova and Kekova Bay between what is now the main land and the island. The ruins of the ancient city now rest on the floor of the shallow bay. Kekova boasts beautiful coastal scenery and the remains of ancient civilizations scattered everywhere incluidng ancient tombs. Cruise right up to the ruins on the edge of Kekova Island, or jutting up on islets from the bay, for an up-close, personal view. Better yet, snorkel over the sunken ruins in the crystal-clear waters of the bay and then climb up ancient stairways that still exist carved into the shoreline.

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Kekova Ruins, Turkey-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

Looking for more things to see and do in Kas? Check out this list of the top 14 attractions or reach out to us via chat. We are here to help you plan the private yacht charter trip of a lifetime.