Customized Yacht Charters, Hand-Crafted Just For You

It’s all about YOU and your dream yacht charter experience! We offer customized yacht charters that are personalized for your unique wants, needs, and desires. All you do is relax and enjoy the gorgeous ever-changing scenery in exotic places – we’ll take care of everything else! From swimming and sightseeing to dining with chef-created meals cooked to your preferences, we’ll carefully choose exciting activities according to your wishes. Just tell us your desires, and we’ll make it happen on one of our fabulous yacht charters.

Customized Luxury Private Yacht Charter Vacations

Your private yacht charter vacation is tailored to your desired activities and interests. The best part is that everything is right there for you – your own hotel, activities, and restaurant. Your personalized charter yacht is your own little floating paradise with so many things to do, both in the water and on land.

There are so many different amazing things to do every single day on your crewed custom yacht charter.

  • Visit boutiques, restaurants, nature trails, and more while ashore a different location every day
  • Eat delicious cuisine prepared to your preferences, from casual dining to silver service
  • Take part in fun water activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and more
  • Enjoy onboard entertainment: games, movies, and other fun technology
  • Indulge in a luxuriously romantic evening onboard
  • Just relax and sunbathe all day with a cocktail and not a care in the world!
Gocek Bay, Turkey, Cleopatra's Baths Roman Ruins
So Many “Must Do’s” to
See & Do around the World,
on both Land & Sea.
Family Fun Snorkeling
Family Fun for Everyone
from Infants to Seniors.
Enjoyable for every Age Group!
Great On Board Dessert Selection
Private onboard Chef +
your Cuisine Preferences =
a Culinary Treat just for You!
120' Feadship Lady Victoria in Eleuthra, Bahamas
Warm Sun + Warm Waters
+ Great Water Toys =
Awesome Water Fun in the Sun!
Raja Ampat Village Signs
Great Cruising Area +
Luxury Charter Yacht =
The World is Yours to See!
Luxury Motor Yacht Charter
Secluded Beautiful Anchorages
+ Onboard Luxury and
Relaxation = Romance!